Finally there was the corona vaccination: We waited eight weeks for the spades

Wörlitz / Wittenberg – On February 25, 1956, Margot (86) and Gerd Koltzenburg (90) promised to stick together in good and bad times. The day after tomorrow the couple from Oranienbaum-Wörlitz (Wittenberg district) will celebrate an iron wedding.

On Monday it drove to the vaccination center in Wittenberg, 23 kilometers away. Both of them held hands when Sister Heidi and Sister Liane injected the first dose of the Biontech vaccine almost simultaneously.

The couple had been waiting for this moment for eight weeks. “Since December 27th, I’ve called the hotline at least twice a day and was always put off,” says Gerd Koltzenburg.

At Margot Koltzenburg’s entrance, a fever is measured

Photo: Maike Glöckner

On February 11th, BILD reported on the only wish of the marriage anniversaries: “Please give us an injection.”

Monday it came true. The BILD reporters accompanied the Koltzenburgs to the first vaccination appointment. What neither of them knew until then: Susann Tiede (39), head of the vaccination center, and her 20 colleagues have been able to increase the pace since yesterday. “The vaccine is now enough for 200 people a day.” That’s why Gerd Koltzenburg finally managed to get an appointment.

While he and his wife Margot went to the doctor’s consultation with Dr. Zsuzsanna Ruzsicske waiting, says Susann Tiede about the work in the vaccination center: “We haven’t thrown away a dose so far,” she assures. And says: “In the future we will need a third doctor.”

“Have I really already been vaccinated?” Jokes Gerd Koltzenburg when Sister Heidi pulls the syringe with the fine cannula out of his upper arm. The couple has their second vaccination appointment on March 15th.

The Koltzenburgs celebrate their iron wedding in the summer. “With a gondola ride through the Wörlitzer Park”, reveals Margot Koltzenburg.

Teaser picture

Gerd Koltzenburg receiving the documents

Photo: Maike Glöckner


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