Finale of “The Taste”: Yvonne hands over the (last) spoon

Saarbrücken – She is only a few spoons away from victory. Yvonne Fries (37) will be in the final on Wednesday (8:15 pm) at the Sat.1 cookery show “The Taste”.

The Saarland woman is considered the favorite. Because as the first candidate in the history of the show, she cooked 14 gold stars. Coach Tim Raue (46): “In the final, Yvonne decorates her crown with 14 gold stars. Only the big fat diamond is missing. Of course I hope that Yvonne wins. “

In the final, Yvonne has to serve two spoons for guest judges Marco D’Andrea (30, Pastry Chef of the Year) and Tohru Nakamura (37, Chef of the Year). One sweet and one savory. The 37-year-old relies on the latter: “I just don’t like sweet desserts.”

If she masters the round, it is important to conjure up a 3-course menu for each juror. “The last few weeks have been super nice, but also super exhausting. I hope that it will turn out great now. “

Because the winner can look forward to 50,000 euros and their own cookbook.


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