Final sprint miracle? Fortuna dances up!

The lightness is back at Fortuna!

Victory against St. Pauli (2-0), third three in a row, two games in a row without conceding a goal.

► Madness: Düsseldorf is only one point behind relegation place 3.

► However: The HSV can put a 4 point gap again on Thursday evening in Sandhausen (8.30 p.m. / Sky).

Since trainer Uwe Rösler (52) stopped using the word “ascent”, things have suddenly started – Fortuna dances upstairs!

If it’s a final sprint miracle, DANn SO …

Kevin Danso (22 / BILD rating 1) scores with a head after a corner to make the decisive 2-0 – and then convinces with a cheering dance on the lawn (48th).

BUT: The corner should never have existed, Düsseldorf’s Krajnc is last on the ball. Felix Klaus (28 / scores 1-0 in the 26th minute) gladly accepts the gift: “The pictures speak for themselves. That was a wrong decision. But I do not care. That’s football, we were lucky. “

Luck is rather less in the game when he hits, but a lot of skill: Peterson with the perfect cross from the left, Kownacki pulls his head back and Klaus pushes in.

Captain Adam Bodzek (35): “Kristoffer Peterson is really extremely important to us, with the ball on his foot he can literally explode!”

Is Fortuna really exploding again in the final sprint?

Rösler: “We have agreed to only look from game to game – and that is working very well at the moment.” Nothing seems impossible in this insane Corona season …

Rösler threatens Karaman

Kenan Karaman (27) scratches his hooves after his corona illness!

While his team celebrated their victory against the best team in the second half of the season after the final whistle, the striker gave full throttle on the pitch and did a training session. His goal: Saturday against Paderborn (1 p.m. / Sky) to no longer just be bench press.

But that will be tight! Because coach Uwe Rösler (52) is enthusiastic about his substitute Dawid Kownacki (24): “He was again very, very good in terms of play – on the offensive and also on the defensive.”

And then the coach Karaman threatens: “I think he will be back in the squad against Paderborn. But we have very good competition. The people up front are doing really well right now. And that means for Kenan: He has to really accelerate … “


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