Fighting wide-eyed: giant 1m95, 120kg was beaten by 3 little guys

Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 00:10 (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) There is a saying “3 vs 1 is not so lame”, a scene where the boxer, though tall but not fighting against 3 people, appeared on the MMA ring.

The rare “3 vs 1” match video in MMA:

Fight Circus, the world’s most differentiated martial arts event held for the second time in Thailand on November 21 continues to impress fans. This Circus event has 8 matches, 7 matches taking place with the usual form and rules, and the most explosive is the “3 on 1” screen.

Extreme match in the Fight Circus event

Professional heavyweight boxer named Steven Banks (1m95 high, weighs 120 kg) stands with 3 boxers with smaller stature. The big call takes place in 3 innings, 2 minutes each and parties are not allowed to strike when the opponent is on the floor.

In the first half, Banks made an opponent fall on the floor. However, when the three boxers used more reasonable tactics (each hit), the big American puncher faced many difficulties. “Giant” continuously suffered many attacks from three opponents and due to “drunken blow”, he fought back with little quality.

In the last half, the three punchers wanted to knock out the opponent, but the American boxer with good ability to withstand the blow remained until the last second. The results of the delimitation by scoring. The 3 boxers have more precise moves and they win.

The Fight Circus event once again surprised people with the strange match, but the result of this match did not surprise anyone by the scene “3 against 1 without delay”.

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