Fichtelberg (Oberwiesenthal): Drift gang attacks the police with snowballs!

Oberwiesenthal – “Get out or we’ll tip your car over,” they threatened the surrounded patrol car crew.


A man dialed the emergency call on Saturday evening because drivers were drifting in the parking lot of the Sparkassen-Arena on Fichtelberg, i.e. turning circles. “They’ve been doing this for years, as soon as there’s snow,” a resident told BILD.

On the huge, snow-covered parking lot of the Sparkassen-Arena, a number of drivers drifted in competition

Photo: André March

When the first officials arrived, about 100 speeders were already there. “Drifting in the crowd is prohibited because it is then an illegal car race,” explains a police spokesman.

The patrol car blocked the access road and announced space references. He was then surrounded by people and threatened loudly. Snowballs flew against the windows. A car drifted towards the officers.

The situation only calmed down when reinforcements arrived. An identified speeder was charged with coercion. Everyone else was filmed driving away and must also face the consequences.

teaser image

The first patrol car turned across and blocked the access (Fichtelbergstraße)

Photo: André March


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