Female half tattooed to spread the charge of fighting jealousy that caused a storm in 2020

Sunday, December 13, 2020, 16:03 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Former Vietnamese female martial artist Pencak Silat expresses her attitude in the case of her wife when she was strangled by her husband in a jealous fight in Hanoi in September, causing a stir in the martial arts village. home country magic.

In the middle of September this year, Vietnamese social networks appeared dense commenting on the jealousy clip on Ly Nam De Street (Hanoi). The clip shows a woman wearing a sunscreen and a helmet and catching her husband with a beautiful young lover. Worth mentioning, instead of apologizing, this husband took action, even strangled his wife to protect the mistress.

The female in gray dress kicked off to rescue the wife before the husband’s violent actions caused “fever”

Seeing the grievance, a gray-skirted girl made a kind gesture. This girl threw charges on both the man and her mistress when having collisions with her relatives, as well as to rescue the wife.

Not only praising the actions of the gray-dress girl like “Luc Van Tien” in the middle of the road seeing the dissatisfaction, but the viewers also expressed their impression with a strong, neat kick like her martial artist. Very quickly, the identity of this “female knight” was found out and surprised everyone.

Accordingly, this girl named NHN, born in 1988 and used to be a famous Pencak Silat fighter. She has 7 years studying at Pencak Silat and used to be in the national youth team. She won gold medals at the national youth tournament for the fighting content and many international exchange competitions. This girl’s social account then attracted tens of thousands of followers.

Worth mentioning, her acts of generosity have created mixed opinions in the Vietnamese martial arts community. Although there are many opinions expressing support and agreement, many people believe that this action easily leads to the wrong law when they are not directly related to the incident.

Source: http://danviet.vn/nu-hiep-xam-tro-tung-cuoc-vu-danh-ghen-gay-bao-mang-2020-50202013121646296.htm

The gray-dress girl launched the jealous fight causing millions of people to be the masters of the martial arts village?

(Sports news, martial arts news) “In the middle of the road you see a grievance”, the girl took action, kicking the man in …


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