Feed your child 25 chili peppers to make a video clip

IndonesiaAn Indonesian woman was strongly opposed when she forced her child to eat chili to film a clip to post Tiktok.

On May 24, an account named Ceoppakalteng03 in Indonesia posted a controversial clip, when feeding his children vegetables with 25 chili peppers. The boy’s entire reaction was recorded by his mother.

As soon as he chewed the first bite, the boy immediately burst into tears. The heat from the chili made the child scream continuously. Under the description, the person wrote, “tasted lemidi (an edible fern commonly found in central Sumatra, Indonesia) stir-fried with 25 chili peppers. Adults sweat when they try it, let alone children. small. I don’t dare myself.”

The baby boy cried when his mother fed him 25 chili peppers. Image: Screengrab / TikTok / Ceooppakalteng03

This chili is Capsicum Annuum, rated mildly spicy, but this food is not safe for babies.

After posting the video, the woman faced fierce criticism from the online community when she took out her child to view the sentence. This person then locked the comment and deleted the video.

“Only attracting viewers and feeding them spicy food, what a smart person,” one user sarcastically said.

But this is not the only case. In November 2021, a mother in Singapore also faced a backlash from the community when she gave her two-year-old daughter spicy noodles to post a “view sentence” clip.

Minh Phuong (According to Asiaone)


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