Federer hunted 3 trophies when he returned, Bill Gates praised Express Train with words

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 19:05 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports News, Tennis News) Legendary Roger Federer is eager to return to the field after a long period of injury. “Express train” has revealed many interesting secrets through the confession of his close friend, the world famous billionaire Bill Gates.

Video of the last time Roger Federer won the ATP 500 Dubai Tennis Championship in 2019:

After withdrawing from the 2021 Australian Open (February 8-21) to focus on fully recovering 100% of his fitness after 2 surgery to injure his right knee, Roger Federer is actively training to wait for his return. According to Tennis World USA, “Express Train” will play its first tournament this year, ATP 250 Qatar Open in Doha (Qatar). This hard court tournament takes place from March 8-13.

Besides, Federer will attend two other tournaments at ATP 500 level in Rotterdam (Netherlands, March 1-7) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates, March 15-20). The goal of the 39-year-old Swiss legend is still nothing more than to win the championship in all 3 hard court competitions.

Federer holds a record of eight times winning the ATP 500 at the Dubai Tennis Championships

If we do not include the victory of Rafael Nadal when raising funds in Cape Town (South Africa), Federer has not played an official match since he lost to Novak Djokovic 6-7 (1-7), 4-6, 3- 6 in the Australian Open men’s singles semi-finals last year. However, with the level affirmed and the bravery to challenge time, the player born in Basel (Switzerland) is still completely able to “triple” the title right after he returned in March this year. .

Most recently, when referring to Federer, famous American billionaire Bill Gates has revealed an unexpected secret about this former number 1 in the world:

“When he was a kid, Federer wasn’t focused on tennis and didn’t get basic training or strength training. He played many different sports, including skateboarding, swimming, table tennis, soccer and badminton.

He didn’t start seriously playing tennis when he was a teenager until he became a teenager. Even then, Federer’s parents (Mr. Robert and Mrs. Lynette) did not encourage their son to take it seriously (according to the professional tennis profession). They even delayed giving him tennis practice in the direction of specialization and accumulation of experience. “

Federer hunted 3 trophies on re-export, Bill Gates praised the 'Express Train'  wordless - 3

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Lynette Federer did not recognize their son’s natural tennis talent

In addition to tennis, Federer also loves football. He is a hard fan of the home team Basel. If he was a child Federer chose to pursue a career as a football player, chances are, the tennis world would not have had a natural talent like this living legend.

Share on his blog, famous American billionaire Bill Gates continues to praise Federer for saying that he played a top-notch tennis with supernatural powers:

“Just before the Covid-19 translation broke out, I paired up with Roger Federer in a tournament (in Cape Town, South Africa) to help educate children in Africa. Watching Roger Federer play, I am amazed.

As the late novelist David Foster Wallace wrote, he was one of the rare athletes with extraordinary abilities and it seems that talent is partially exempt from certain laws of physics ” .

Federer hunted 3 trophies on re-export, Bill Gates praised the 'Express Train'  wordless - 4

Federer once paired up with Bill Gates to confront Nadal and comedian Trevor Noah at a performance tournament in Cape Town (South Africa) last year.

Source: http: //danviet.vn/federer-san-3-cup-khi-tai-xuat-bill-gates-ca-ngoi-tau-toc-hanh-het-loi-5020212 …

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