Federer dodged Nadal and left Roland Garros, wrongly criticized before Wimbledon

Sunday, April 11, 2021 13:01 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, tennis news) Roger Federer’s decision to leave Roland Garros disappointed the tennis legend.

If nothing changes, the Madrid Open 2021, which will take place on May 2 in Spain, will feature the “BIG 3” (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic). After 14 months, since the 2020 Australian Open, the ATP 1000 tournament taking place in Spain will be a tournament with the participation of all three legendary contemporary players mentioned above.

Federer (right) wants to “dodge” Nadal (left) at Roland Garros again

It is expected that Federer will attend Roland Garros, however the Madrid Masters is the only Swiss “Express Train” tournament to play on the 2021 clay court. Federer has won three Masters in Madrid in 2006, 2009 and 2012.

Marc Rosset, the Swiss tennis legend who won the Olympic gold medal, expressed regret because Federer did not attend Roland Garros. He said that the 1 week delay in France Grand Slam is a good opportunity for “Express Train”: “I do not understand why Roger Federer did not play at Roland Garros. Currently he is training with coach Pierre Paganini. But it’s better to go to the field. ”

The 50-year-old former Rosset continued to tell L’Equipe: “If Federer plays and reaches the semi-finals (Roland Garros), it will be no better preparation for Wimbledon”.

As scheduled, Roland Garros will end on June 16 while Wimbledon plays on June 28, Mr. Rosset thinks that attending two such tournaments will help Federer maintain good form.

Mr. Rosset’s opinion is completely reasonable, but “Express Train” is probably not interested in Roland Garros because Rafael Nadal is still “King” at this tournament. In the last 5 seasons, Federer only attended the clay Grand Slam exactly once in 2019, in the semi-finals of that year “Express Train” was defeated by Nadal himself in the semi-finals.

Currently outside of training, “Express Train” Switzerland spends the rest of the time with family and friends. “When I’m at home I don’t feel like a player. I live like a normal person with my family, free to meet friends, I like the feeling of being free, wandering around with my family family, “Federer said.

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