Fear after Covid-19

Quynh Huong’s seven days with Covid-19 passed gently, but her fear began when she got a negative test result, because many people said she needed to be careful with the post-Covid situation.

At first, this 40-year-old woman in Cau Giay district didn’t care much when friends said that it was infected people with few symptoms who were more susceptible to lung damage, poor health, stroke, memory loss, and even death. sudden death.

Two days after testing negative, Quynh Huong still had a cough and was most noticeably short of breath when taking the stairs. She confirmed that she was post-Covid-19 and started buying a series of lung tonics from Japan, bird’s nest, cordyceps, vitamin and mineral supplement capsules… A total of 5 million copper.

But Huong did not stop. She participates in groups “curing post-Covid-19 at home”. Under each post asking for advice are dozens of comments offering medicines from Germany, Russia, Poland, Korea… from oriental medicine to western medicine, priced from a few hundred thousand to a million dong per dose. “Any drug that is widely used, I order it,” she said.

According to a survey of reporters VnExpressThere are hundreds of post-Covid-19 counseling groups on social networks. For example, the group “Community of testing – overcoming post-Covid-19” has the largest number of members with nearly 130,000 people. Or the group “Vietnam Post-Covid-19 Community” with nearly 30,000 members, recorded 1,300 new registrations in the past week. Each day, groups have from 5 to 35 articles asking for advice on treatment of symptoms after Covid-19, with many ads for drugs and functional foods.

Dr. Quan The Dan said, Quynh Huong and many people are confusing Covid symptoms with post-Covid symptoms. As soon as the test was negative, they let themselves be cured, but when they saw that they still had a cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, they panicked and thought they had a “post-Covid” problem. “In fact, at that time, the patient was still in the process of contracting Covid, not completely cured,” said Dr.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that the majority of people with Covid-19 will fully recover, with only 10-20% having symptoms called “post-Covid” or “prolonged Covid”. The WHO defines “post-Covid” as abnormalities that persist after three months of illness. If the condition disappears after a week or a month, the patient is not considered to have persistent Covid-19.

An old woman was taken by relatives to Thanh Nhan Hospital, Hanoi, for post-Covid-19 examination on the morning of March 14. Photo: MN

Hoang Thuy, 29 years old, in Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City admits that she is afraid of the post-Covid-19 like “being overwhelmed”. The female office worker contracted Covid-19 at the end of February. The symptoms of the disease stopped at low-grade fever, chills, shortness of breath and fatigue. A week later, negative, she suddenly had a lot of cough and severe headache. She quickly booked an appointment for a lung scan and post-Covid-19 examination at a private hospital for nearly a million dong, for fear of sequelae.

There is no underlying disease, mild symptoms and X-ray results show that her lungs are normal. She was advised by the doctor to practice breathing three times a day, eat in moderation to quickly recover. But the information shared about “a young patient who had Covid-19 with mild symptoms, a few weeks after the disease turned severe, was diagnosed with lung damage and died”, made Thuy scared.

To reassure herself, she sought to buy post-Covid drugs online, even though she was warned that she did not have a prescription for a post-Covid-19 treatment licensed by the Ministry of Health. According to the advice of “people with post-Covid experience”, Thuy bought a portable lung tonic from Germany, a body detox bottle extracted from herbs with the effect of “removing the virus” along with bird’s nest, cordyceps. Herbs increase resistance. Total drug cost more than 6 million VND to treat cough, shortness of breath and headache, after two weeks of rapid test negative. “The effect is not clear, but only weight gain and fullness of the stomach are seen,” Thuy said.

No more symptoms of the disease, but Ms. Nguyen Lan, from Hoang Mai district, is also so obsessed with post-Covid-19 that she can’t sleep. With a history of drug allergies, the 50-year-old woman was advised to supplement with portable functional foods from abroad that have the effect of tonic and detoxifying the lungs. “Whatever you drink is healthy” is her thought. In addition to oral drugs, she ordered more Korean ginseng and abalone to increase resistance.

Seeing his wife abusing functional foods, Hung and Lan’s husband tried to stop him. But she resented that her husband wasted money and did not care about his wife’s health. “Her illness is sometimes psychological. Her health is normal, but she thinks she’s sick,” he sighed.

According to the advice of Mr. Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong, Head of Covid-19 Prevention and Control Unit, Thanh Nhan Hospital, functional foods and tonics are more or less effective for health, but not special drugs. Therefore, the best advice is that if you see any abnormal health, you should go to the hospital for examination. Based on the actual condition, the doctor has an additional prescription, absolutely do not use miscellaneous, easy to cause unnecessary danger.

But some people are so afraid of sequelae that they don’t get sick and still use Covid-19 drugs, functional foods. As in the case of Manh Truong, in Nam Tu Liem district. In order not to get infected, the 30-year-old man ordered a box of Molnupiravir and two bottles of functional foods with Korean words, introduced extracts of seaweed, ginseng, and cordyceps at the price of nearly 3 million VND to prevent infection. disease prevention, take one pill a day.

“Prevention is better than prevention, but to get infected and then treat after Covid-19 costs a lot of money,” he expressed.

Nguyen Thi Nga, 62 years old, in Hoang Mai district, went to see a post-Covid-19 check-up at Thanh Nhan Hospital on the morning of March 14, when her symptoms of chest tightness and cough did not help, but taking antibiotics did not help.  Photo: MN

Ms. Nguyen Thi Nga, 62, in Hoang Mai district, went for a post-Covid-19 check-up at Thanh Nhan Hospital on the morning of March 14, when her symptoms of chest tightness and cough did not help, but taking antibiotics did not help. Photo: MN

Vietnam has no statistics on Covid-19 sequelae, but has recorded many people with lung damage after recovering from the disease. According to Bach Mai Hospital, about 50-60% of patients have abnormal lung lesions. Thanh Nhan Hospital receives about 100 people who come to check on Covid-19 sequelae every day.

But not everyone with Covid-19 has lung damage. Most of the patients are over 60 years old and have underlying medical conditions. There are only a few young patients, common symptoms are fatigue, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, reduced physical strength, loss of concentration, sleep disturbance, some people have digestive disorders… for a long time.

Experts emphasized that in cases where X-rays are taken and lesions are found, they are usually people who have had lung diseases. When suffering from Covid-19 these lesions are more severe. “Maybe they haven’t tested it, so they don’t know, it’s not that a healthy person’s lungs are naturally white after contracting Covid. This is absurd, unscientific, causing confusion in public opinion,” said Dr. Quan The Dan. positive.

To avoid being intimidated by unfounded information, doctors recommend that people only go to a post-Covid-19 doctor after one month of recovery if they experience persistent symptoms; people who have had lung disease; older people; or immunocompromised people. Otherwise, people who have just recovered from the disease just need to work lightly, eat easy-to-digest foods, drink enough water, take vitamins, keep their spirits up, get enough sleep, avoid excessive anxiety, and need time to practice breathing. gently to restore respiratory function.

Believing in the guidance and advice of the doctor, the family of Ms. Minh Hang, Ngo Quyen district, Hai Phong is calm before the “matrix” of tonics. About a month after recovering from the disease, the 45-year-old woman’s health recovered, she slept deeply, her breathing difficulty and shortness of breath when climbing stairs disappeared.

Particularly for Quynh Huong, after a week of using functional foods, the symptoms were relieved. “I’m not sure if it’s the medicine or the body’s own recovery. But as long as the health gradually stabilizes, I’m happy,” she said.

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