FCM sports director Schork – job guarantee for coach Hoßmang

Getting used to it is over. For a week and a half, Otmar Schork (63) has been cleaning up as the new head of sports at 1. FC Magdeburg. “I was received very well,” says the native of Baden.

He has already found an apartment in the old town and the connection to the players has been established. There were one-on-one discussions with almost all FCM professionals. Schork: “They were good conversations. You can tell that the players are becoming a bit more open, self-confident and joyful after the recent positive results. That’s how it should be. I’m still in the process of finding out how strong the management team is. But my current impression is positive, without failing to recognize that there is still a lot of work ahead of us. “

There are enough problems. And the Kallnik successor speaks to them openly. “We need more communication on the field, more courage and risk on the offensive and we want to appear even more united as a team.”

Demands that the trainer must also implement. The work of Thomas Hoßmang (53) has also been under the microscope Schork in the last few days. Schork: “We have developed a confidential relationship from day one and are in intensive discussions every day. I have a good impression of how meticulously and professionally the coaching team works. “

Thomas Hoßmang doesn’t have to worry about jobs after four points from the last two gamesPhoto: Ronny Hartmann

After the win against Bayern and the point in Kaiserslautern, FCM will go to FC Ingolstadt on Sunday. For Schork “the top favorite for promotion.” And for coach Hoßmang there is a job guarantee before the guest appearance. Even if the duel at the Schanzern is a failure. Schork: “There is no coaching discussion. We have a crisp English week ahead of us and will work calmly and objectively to get the team back on track. “

►Dated: Duisburg – FCM (December 21st), FCM – Uerdingen (January 9th).


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