FC St. Pauli with attack: Timo Schultz wants the rescue hook

So far, coach Timo Schultz (43) at FC St. Pauli has officially always rejected the congratulations on relegation. But a victory on Easter Monday (8.30 p.m., Millerntor) against Braunschweig should change that.

With a three, the Kiez kickers would have 38 points and at least twelve ahead of relegation place 16. A good cushion seven games before the end of the season.

“I was really never good at math. When I look at the last few years, our score and the gap downwards, I think that if we won, we could probably make a catch, “admits coach Timo Schultz (43).

Schulle wants to act courageously again. “Of course we play forward,” he reveals. “We have always found a very good mix in the last few games. Where we really attack the opponent, press and try to win the ball.”

Schultz is forced to make at least one change in terms of personnel. Right-back Sebastian Ohlsson (27) is out with an adductor injury. Luca Zander (25) or Jannes Wieckhoff (20) will replace him.

The all-clear has been given to Omar Marmoush (22). The striker was unable to train after a fall due to hip problems. “I don’t even think about that, he’ll be able to train on Saturday,” says Schultz.

St. Pauli lost 1: 2 in the first leg. Schultz: “That was a bit of a low point. It was the last shot across the bow that we needed. “


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