FC St. Pauli versus Würzburg: The basement summit

It never gets worse …

Würzburger Kickers against FC St. Pauli, 18th place against 17th place in the 2nd league. Both teams stand for records in the league – negative and, it is hard to believe, positive too.

The biggest difference between clubs is their trust in the coach.

Timo Schultz (43) is still in office at St. Pauli. In contrast, Würzburg already has the third trainer on the line. Promotion coach Michael Schiele (42 / now Sandhausen) was sacked after two match days. Successor Marco Antwerpen (49) was thrown out after five games. Ex-HSV assistant coach Bernhard Trares (55) is currently responsible.

The fact check before the basement summit.

► There could be a scoring final quarter of an hour. St. Pauli has conceded nine goals so far, but also scored eight goals, making it the most successful team in the league. Würzburg conceded ten goals during this time, five of which fell in stoppage time. Also league highs.

► St. Pauli fired a total of 170 shots on goal. Best value in the 2nd division. The team is not effective for this and leads the bottom line when it comes to the hit rate. On average, you only hit every twelfth shot on goal.

► So far St. Pauli has not conceded a goal after corners. In return, Würzburg conceded the most corner goals in the league with four.

► Würzburg conceded nine header goals – a league record. This is the opportunity for St. Pauli – but not a single header hit in this round.

► With 26 goals conceded, Würzburg is the league’s shooting gallery.

► The strikers only scored four out of twelve Würzburg goals, while the defenders scored three.

► No team allowed themselves more unnecessary ball losses before conceding goals than St. Pauli (eight).

► Würzburg’s defense won only a weak 45.69 percent of the duels. In addition, they conceded the most counter-goals with eight goals.

► Ten goals have been conceded so far on St. Pauli’s right defense – the worst record in the league. In return, the opponents only managed one hit on the left side of defense – best in the league!


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