FC St. Pauli: Timo Schultz warns of slacking off – Schlendrian alarm!

“Satisfaction is a step backwards!” With these words, coach Timo Schultz (43) at FC St. Pauli had warned his professionals about the Paderborn game (0: 2). Vain. After a disappointing performance, the winning streak broke (five wins, one draw).

Schlendrian alarm!

After the final whistle, Schultz said: “The boys wanted. You saw that. “But he also stated:” In the first half, I had the feeling that somehow five percent alertness and five percent liveliness were missing in my head.

One possible explanation: “We have had an amazing rally in the last few weeks. And that also takes strength. “

The team has to put up with the accusation that it failed to keep the tension high. There was no desire for more success against Paderborn.

Schultz: “Especially after losing the ball, we gave up a few scenes too easily in the second half. In the end, there were too many switching actions that ran against us. “

But at Schultz, alarm bells are still not ringing. “I’m not worried about a crash. It was clear that we would not win all of the rest of the season’s games. ”The two games without scoring are no problem either:“ We have enough quality and chances. If the chances are no longer there, then we have to worry. “

But one thing is clear: with Schlendrian, the upcoming, supposedly easy, tasks in Osnabrück and Braunschweig will also be difficult. And then the current nine-point lead on relegation place 16 could quickly melt.

Schultz: “I’m going into the next few weeks with a good feeling. But it is clear that the Osnabrück and Braunschweig tasks are by no means self-evident for us. “

The first half of the season should be warning enough. There were zero points: 0: 1 against Osnabrück and 1: 2 in Braunschweig.


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