FC St. Pauli: Deniz Naki – The crash of the fan favorite

“Who does not live courageously, dies …”

Deniz Naki (31) addressed these words to his 125,000 subscribers on Instagram on July 3rd. It is the last contribution so far by the former FC St. Pauli professional. As reported by WELT, Naki was arrested in Aachen in July.

Cheers, locks, jail: the crash of the fan favorite!

The allegations weigh heavily: extortion of protection money, robbery, drug trafficking and the establishment of a rocker-like group.

The crimes are said to have been committed in the Aachen, Lower Saxony, North Hesse and Belgium area by mid-2020. The special group “Drive” has been investigating in North Rhine-Westphalia for two years.

Naki’s professional career ended in January 2018. Because of “discrimination and ideological propaganda” the football association TFF banned him for life from Turkey. Not the first time his political stance has had an impact.

► In 2016 Naki was banned from the association for 12 games for the first time because he dedicated a cup victory to his oppressed Kurdish compatriots.

► In 2017, Naki had to answer for charges of “terrorist propaganda” and received a prison sentence of 18 months and 22 days – with a suspended sentence of five years.

Naki’s life is extremely different from other professionals. The German-Turk with Kurdish roots was shot at in his Porsche on the A4 near Düren on 7.1.2018. The fact was never solved.

During his time at the Millerntor (2009 to 2012), Naki played his way into the hearts of the fans, with seven goals and eleven assists, he played a major role in the promotion to the Bundesliga. “Pauli and I, that was love at first sight,” the dribble artist explained at the time.

His appearance in Rostock will not be forgotten (2-0). On November 2nd, 2009, Naki rammed a Pauli flag into the Hansa lawn. His killer cheers caused even more excitement when he ran his thumb through his neck.

Now he’s in jail in Germany. Ex-Pauli captain Fabio Morena (40, now team manager Hannover 96): “Yes, Deniz was always a daredevil, extroverted, crazy, but had a good heart. We as a group caught him again and again. “


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