FC Carl Zeiss Jena: Professional Düzel already had five jobs

It is one of the FCC’s rough diamonds. Can Düzel (22) moved to the Saale in the summer to finally become a professional footballer. Born in Hamburg, he came from Lüneburger SK in the Regionalliga Nord. The first lockdown meant that the attacker only made 22 games with the Northern Germans. In Jena, he should now mature into a full professional.

Düzel: “My parents are already putting pressure on them. I’m not just supposed to play football. I actually want to continue studying in the future. At the beginning of the next semester, I will also deal with distance learning. ”

Düzel has already done quite a bit of work in his life. “I have already worked with my father and uncles on the construction site, or as a supplier of pizza. During my time in Lüneburg I looked after socially disadvantaged children.

I also jumped in on language courses. If you have to do that ten hours a day, you know what football is all about. ”

He’s also had unusual jobs. “When I wasn’t a professional, I even worked for a security service. At that time I was at some jewelers and watch dealers. I was also a security guard in the Hamburger Kunsthalle. ”

Maybe that will help him in Jena too.


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