FC Bayern: The individual review: Applause for the champions Bayern!

The 2-0 win against Leverkusen was the penultimate step to the ninth championship in a row! The Bayern stars in the individual review.

NEW: Only had to parry a Schick shot in the first half. Latten luck after a Bellarabi touchdown (69th minute) and with a strong save against Amiri (75th). Grade 2

PAVARD (up to 82nd): Often took the offensive, didn’t allow anything behind. Note 3

BOATENG (up to 63): One misunderstanding with Hernández when they had moved up too far and Schick approached Neuer alone. Otherwise flawless and with great diagonal balls. Grade 2

HERNÁNDEZ: The French were also defensively stable. Note 3

DAVIES: I kept getting applause from the bench. Made a lot of steam over the left. Grade 2

KIMMICH: Carved the ball from the edge of the penalty area into the left corner (13th). Harmonized well with Alaba. Grade 2

ALABA: Dream flank before the 1-0 to Müller. He also initiated the 2-0. To be found everywhere on the square. Deserved a goal. Note 1

MUSIALA (up to 82nd): Average appearance without the really big shine. Note 3

MÜLLER (up to 63rd): Failed after Alaba’s cross from very close range to keeper Hradecky (7th). The Finn also parried his flat shot (52nd). Note 3

COMAN (up to 63rd): Didn’t really get into the game. More active in the 2nd half. Note 3

CHOUPO-MOTING: The score at 1-0 was exactly where a center forward had to be, the goal made. Then dived except for an offside goal (66th). Note 3

GORETZKA (from 63rd): Bring new momentum. Note 3

SANÉ (from 63rd): Without any real risk of goal. Grade 4

NIANZOU (from 63.): Fitted in neatly. Note 3

SARR and SCOTT (from 82nd): both without evaluation.

TRAINER FLICK: Can already look forward to his second championship as head coach. Grade 2.


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