FC Bayern – 1. FC Düren: This is how dangerous the fifth division is for B-Bayern

How dangerous is this fifth division team for Bayern’s unplayed B-Elf in the cup on Thursday?

1. FC Düren plays in the Oberliga Mittelrhein. The squad is very young, most of the players are in their early to mid-twenties. Striker Marc Brasnic (23) says at DFB.de: “FC Düren has great potential. We’re not your ordinary league team. We are very strong on the offensive and play bravely forward. “

So it could be quite uncomfortable for B-Bayern. Brasnic even played with Leroy Sané (25) in the Leverkusen youth team. Others also have experience at the highest youth level.

Brasnic: “Many players still know each other from their youth, for example they played for 1. FC Köln, Alemannia Aachen or Bayer Leverkusen. A lot of good players from the regional league joined the team this summer. In Adam Matuschyk we even got a former Bundesliga player. “

Anything but a Bayern win would of course be a huge sensation. But if that is possible, then it will probably be against the B-Elf without national players …


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