FBI statistics: 12 major US cities break murder records

Chicago (USA) – High school shootings, bloody gang disputes, fatal robberies. Many Americans look back with horror at the end of the year.

The FBI is deeply concerned about the development of crime in some parts of the country.

Twelve large cities are already reporting historic highs for murder!

As reported by the US broadcaster “ABC News”, Indianapolis (Indiana), Columbus (Ohio), Austin (Texas), Albuquerque (New Mexico) and Portland (Oregon) set new, sad records for homicides or are approaching the same level previous decades.

Michigan, Oxford High School, November 30, 2021: Schoolgirls mourn their classmates after a 15-year-old classmate went killing. He shot four teenagers and injured seven other peoplePhoto: Paul Sancya / dpa

In the east coast metropolis of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) the situation is worse than it has been in 30 years. In the “city of brotherly love” (1.5 million inhabitants) 524 people were violently killed – 13 percent more than in 2020, like one Police statistics indicates.

The sad leader is Chicago (Illinois) – in the city on Lake Michigan (2.7 million inhabitants) 755 people were killed, 668 of them men. Even for a crime-ridden city like Chicago, this value is relatively high. For comparison: New York has so far complained of 443 murder victims this year (+1.4 percent compared to 2020).

Baltimore, May 2021: Police officers' bodycam footage shows the shooting with a triple murderer in front of a burning house

Baltimore, May 2021: Police officers’ bodycam footage shows the shooting with a triple murderer in front of a burning housePhoto: KameraOne

According to the FBI, the numbers are for Murder and manslaughter in 2020 nationwide by nearly 30% year over year. It is the highest recorded increase in this crime area since the introduction of crime statistics 60 years ago. Weapons were used in more than three quarters of the murders.

US experts argue about the reasons for the rapid increase. Factors for the increase in violence include a lack of police personnel, corona-related stress, declines in judicial proceedings and the failure of anti-violence programs.


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