Faurecia partners with Palantir to accelerate its digital transformation

“A business transformation”. Faurecia is showing its ambitions with regard to the partnership in which it is committed for six years with the Palantir group. The French automotive supplier, which has just regained its independence from PSA, has signed a contract with the data analysis company, unveiled on Thursday.

The Californian company’s “Foundry” software will aggregate a multitude of data from Faurecia, starting with those collected at its 260 production sites, but also external data, in particular from its suppliers. Price of raw materials, quantity of incoming plastic, quantity of waste, weight of a part, carbon dioxide emitted by suppliers to produce this part or even management of the machine and number of workers required, availability of the latter to work train in new professions… the Palantir platform knows how to combine cabbage and carrots to create a “digital twin” of the company.

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