Fast food consumption and home delivery exploded in 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has gained market share for fast food restaurants and propelled delivery to unprecedented levels, underlying trends driven by a crisis that has “Deeply shaken the market”, according to a study by NPD Group published this Tuesday, February 9.

“Hit hard” by the health crisis, catering was able to “Limit the damage thanks to take-away sales”, notes NPD Group, a market research specialist, in its assessment of French out-of-home catering (RHD) for 2020.

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The sector’s activity, which in 2019 represented 57 billion euros in turnover in France, contracted by 38% to fall to 35.6 billion euros, with a drop in attendance estimated at 35% .

The sector limits its losses

In this particularly difficult context, fast food restaurants saw their attendance increase last year, attracting 43% of consumer visits, against 36% the previous year. Alone at “Progress in this weakened market”, she won these 7 market share points “To the detriment of table catering, company canteens and leisure and transport catering”.

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And while table catering lost half of its attendance and turnover in 2020, fast food, supported by take-out sales, held up better, losing only a quarter of its value and its visits.

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Thanks to “Boost” given by the health crisis, take-out “Doubled its market share”, increasing from 15% of table catering in 2019 to 30% in 2020, and allowing “It is up to many establishments to limit their losses”, comments Maria Bertoch, industry expert at The NPD Group.

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