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AmericaLiving happily in Boston, the Sueiro family traveled around South America and traveled around Europe. When bored, they will sail to the Atlantic.

Jessica and Will Sueiro, run a travel agency, have had a good life in Boston. However, their summer trip to France eight years ago sparked a passion for traveling around the world. “We love our community and our friends. We don’t leave because we’re not happy, but traveling all year round is something we’ve wanted for a long time,” Jessica said.

They spend 12 months devising a strategy. Every night, the couple sat down to discuss the trip. On April 23, 2013, Will was volunteering at the finish line of the Boston Marathon when a bomb exploded, killing three people. This experience made them realize that if they want to travel, “now or never”.

The former Sueiro family spent full time traveling. Image: Will Sueiro / Business Insider.

In 2013, they moved to Costa Rica, then to Ecuador. At first, the transition was extremely difficult for the family because it did not take into account the emotional impact of the new living environment on two children, Largo, 6 and Avalon, 10.

After a hard time, the kids have adapted well. The Sueiro family said they enjoy immersing themselves in culture, especially becoming close friends with the locals.

After three years living in Central and South America, the family is ready for a change again. They bought a car to visit all European countries. “We get bored living in one place. The kids always wanted to live in the car,” says Will.

In 2019, the family plans to travel across Asia, but the pandemic makes the plan impossible to complete. Instead of a month in Japan, they were stuck here for 5 months. “We love Japan but don’t like being in one place for too long,” Jessica said.

Days on RVs throughout Europe.  Photo: Will Sueiro / Business Insider.

The days of cruising on RVs throughout Europe. Image: Will Sueiro / Business Insider.

The family discussed buying a temporary house and halting traveling, but the children did not want to do so. One day, Jessica was surfing Facebook when she found a yacht for sale and the family spent the next two weeks researching it. They eventually managed to buy the 9.1 meter long boat for $ 160,000.

They now live full-time on a boat in a French dock. “I know it sounds crazy to buy a boat in the middle of the Covid-19 era, but why not? We know what else to do in a blockade. We hope to learn something new and follow suit. Another big dream, the boat is the way for us to approach it, “said the mother of two.

The boat is much bigger than the RV so the family has a large seating area to play and enjoy meals together. The kitchen is also more spacious, offering an oven – something they had to hold back for 7 years. Jessica and her husband also have a private bathroom and another “luxury” is a washing machine, after many years of hand washing.

Sueiro's family dream life on a newly purchased boat.  Photo: Will Sueiro / Business Insider.

Sueiro’s family dream life on a newly purchased boat. Image: Will Sueiro / Business Insider.

They are now 16 and 13 years old. This is the first time in 7 years that the two sisters have their own space. “I don’t believe teenagers need a large space, but they need a place to come up with their own thoughts,” Jessica said.

Currently, the Sueiro family is still unable to leave the French dock because they do not have a boating certificate. Only when Covid-19 stabilizes, the classes reopen, can they do this. They plan to sail around Europe after receiving the certificate and gain experience to conquer the Atlantic.

Though trapped, living on a boat makes them feel fresh. “I feel like we’re 20 years old,” Jessica said. “I feel like we just moved into our permanent home,” added Will.

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