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HCMCINAX won the last bathroom renovation worth 100 million VND for Pham Tra My’s family.

Category “Dream bathroom” by Electronic Newspaper VnExpress The organization will close together with INAX brand. The program has donated 5 free bathroom renovation sessions to families and schools. Episode 6, Ms. Pham Tra My will be the lucky owner to receive the refurbishment of the “third space”.

In a letter to the program, Ms. Pham Tra My said that the whole family of three generations moved to Saigon since 2014, living together in an apartment. Nearly a dozen people daily activities in the bathroom are deteriorating, bathing, washing, and cleaning is the most difficult, especially in the mornings to hurry to go to school and work. Moldy space, slippery floors, potentially dangerous to the health of the elderly and young children.

Ms. My is in the culinary industry, she herself had time to study in Singapore and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from La Trobe University, Australia. After returning to Vietnam, working part time for a while, she got married and gave birth to 2 boys. At this time, the milk tea franchise model began to be introduced, she was excited and decided to open a tea shop. The life cycle and the difficulties in business have prevented her from implementing her plan to renovate the bathroom.

The bathroom of Mrs. Pham Tra My’s family.

“The bathhouse is important, is the place where the family members’ activities take place, affecting everyone’s psychology, so I am very concerned and want to change it, for a better life. “, My sister wrote.

Articles sent about the program persuade the organizers, attracting the attention of readers. After a period of consideration, the team “Dream bathroom” agreed to give the last free bathroom renovation to My’s family with the wish that the members would have the opportunity to live in a comfortable, aesthetic space. .

'Dream bathroom' of more than 109 children with disabilities

In episode 5, “The dream bathroom” renovates the toilet space for 109 students with disabilities at Hoang Mai Special Education School, HCMC.

Accordingly, famous architects will work with the program when surveying the reality. Experts will exchange details with the owner, then build a new design, dismantle, construct, install equipment, new bathroom space as required. The space will be designed based on the purpose of use and aesthetics such as: Japanese style, green lifestyle with sanitary, smart, energy-saving equipment.

“Dream bathroom” by electronic newspaper VnExpress Accompany with INAX – bathroom equipment brand of LIXIL Corporation Japan organized with the desire to improve the quality of life, equip knowledge to improve the third space. The show is accompanied by Bao Thanh, the impressive actress of VTV Awards 2019, takes on the main role in the movie: Living with your mother-in-law, Go home …; together with famous architects, each designed the iconic project with many domestic and foreign awards.

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