Family of 60 years making Christmas ice trees

AmericaThe Veal family has a tradition of celebrating Christmas by creating a giant ice tree in front of the house, open to visitors free of charge.

In the winter of 1961, Mr. Vierl G. Veal and his wife built an ice skating track from the hill to their pond in Mimosa Lane, in Indianapolis. During the night, a gust of wind blew the steam from the mist spray onto some coniferous bushes and turned them into fancy icy sculptures. Mr. Veal and his wife Mabel enjoyed this phenomenon so much that the decision to replicate it in the following years. They named it the Veal Ice Tree.

Visitors come to see the Veal family’s ice tree for free during Christmas. Image: Vealsicetree.

Since that year, the Veal family has been celebrating Christmas by creating giant ice trees on their grounds. In 1970, Mr. Veal died, but by that time the ice tree had become a tourist attraction for seasonal tourists. The family decided to continue this tradition.

This is not actually a tree, but a sculpture, created by attaching a hose to a wooden frame, turning on water on icy nights as the scaffold for the ice sculpture to take shape. Each year the family creates a different Veal Ice Tree. Water is taken from the family pond. Depending on weather conditions and time that Veal Ice Tree has different heights, usually from 10-12 m. At its peak in 2014, they created an ice tree nearly 25 meters high.

To make Ice Tree even more attractive, homeowners mix food dye spray on Veal Ice Tree. Wynter Veal-Drummond, 29, granddaughter of the couple Mabel and Vierl Veal said: “Some visitors often ask if there is a living tree in it. The answer is no, the materials are diverse, but never before. is a living tree “.

They don’t make ice trees every year. Some years are not cold enough to sustain the tree, so for about 8 years they have not practiced this tradition.

An eye-catching 2014 ice tree. Photo: Vealsicetree.

An eye-catching 2014 ice tree. Photo: Vealsicetree.

Ice trees usually exist from before Christmas until about April next year. There are years until May that the tree melts. Visitors to this project are free to visit.

See Veal Ice Tree pictures:

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