Family drama: Mother murderer (25) shoots himself in the getaway car | Regional

Stendal (Saxony-Anhalt) – Family drama in the northern Saxony-Anhalt province: In the village of Vielbaum with a population of around 200 (Standal district), a 25-year-old first shot his mother (57). While fleeing from the police, he held the pistol to his head in the car, pulled the trigger …

Saturday 22:20 in the family home: Apparently there is a dispute. “For an unexplained cause,” said police spokesman Joachim Albrecht, the son had “fatally injured his mother with a gun.”

He “then fled with an Audi car and a murder weapon in an initially unknown direction,” said Albrecht early on Sunday morning.

The alerted police immediately notified colleagues from the neighboring states of Brandenburg and Lower Saxony. Several patrols went on the hunt for the alleged mother killer.

Police spokesman Albrecht: “A short time later, the suspect shot himself in the head with a pistol while driving on the B189, locality Wittenberge in the direction of Perleberg.”

The Audi rammed into the guardrail and only came to a stop after 300 meters. When the rescue workers arrived, the 25-year-old was still alive. He came to the clinic, where shortly afterwards he succumbed to severe head injuries.

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