Facetious, end of a world, premonitory… The cinema releases of May 11

♦ Utama, the forgotten land ***

by Alejandro Loayza Grisi

Bolivian film, 1 h 27

Grand Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, this first film of great formal and symbolic beauty takes us to the Bolivian highlands, where an elderly couple tries to resist the effects of climate change and modernity.

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Follow me, I’m running away from you (out this May 11) /Run From Me, I’m Following You (Released May 18)**

by Koji Fukada

Japanese films, 1 h 49 / 2:04 a.m.

Conceived in two parts (theatrical release of which is spaced one week apart), this Japanese romantic comedy mixed with thriller takes us in a playful way into the meanders of romantic feelings and the relationship between men and women in a society that is still essentially macho.

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♦ Farm Madness **

by Jean-Pierre Améris

French film, 1 h 49

Jean-Pierre Améris signs a comedy inspired by the true story of a breeder who expanded his activity to the cabaret to save his farm. Despite a plot sewn with white thread, the film seduces with its rhythm and its gallery of endearing characters.

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♦ The Duke ***

by Roger Michelle

British film, 1:25

The director of Love at first sight in Notting Hill, Roger Michell, who died in September 2021, signs with this latest film a mischievous social comedy. The true story of the theft of a painting from the National Gallery by a pensioner who is fighting against the payment of the television license fee for the most modest.

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by Fabienne Berthaud

French film, 1 h 27

A marginal family is recomposed thanks to an enchanted castle and an old lady in this pretty social tale with childlike grace signed by the director and writer Fabienne Berthaud. This anchors her film in a certain social reality, that of a very young single mother, multiplying odd jobs and appointments at the Pôle emploi to get by.

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♦ Trenches **

by Office Wolf

French documentary, 1 h 25

The journalist Loup Bureau tells the daily life of a group of Ukrainian soldiers holding a trench in eastern Ukraine. Filmed in 2020 in the Donbass, this documentary proves to be prescient, as the war has taken on a whole new dimension since last February.

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