Facebook Messenger gets new look, soon it will get new features like Instagram

Facebook Messenger app is now giving you a new look. Recently, Facebook has provided an option to merge Instagram direct messages with Facebook Messenger. Now Messenger has also been colored in Instagram. The color of the logo of the Messenger app has now changed to that of Instagram, as well as many new features have also been added to it. In the Messenger app, you will see new chat themes, selfie stickers and vanid mode options.

New features will be added in both apps

New chat themes like Love and Tie Die have come in the Messenger app. In Messenger app, the Vanish mode will be used to make chat disappear. Apart from this, the default chat color of the Messenger app will also change like a logo. The logo of the Messenger app has now become a light purple. All the new features are slowly reaching the users.

These new features that Facebook Messenger receives are part of the merger with Instagram. In this merger, not only the messenger but also Instagram has got new features. Messenger features like watch together, chat colors, forwarding, replies and animated message effects are being added to Instagram. Facebook said that some features will come first on Instagram and then on Messenger.

Messenger app and Instagram merge

Instagram has started providing the option for users to connect Instagram direct messages with Messenger last month. This means that now users can send messages to the people of Messenger from Instagram and the same can be done from the other side as well.

After the Facebook-Instagram merger, people will be able to contact only those on other platforms using one of these platforms. For this, they will not need to download the app separately. With this, the messages and calls made to his user from the Instagram app will remain in the Instagram app itself. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to merge WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram together.

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