F1 racing to welcome new king Max Verstappen, thrilling Mercedes lawsuit

(F1 racing news) One day after the F1 season ended in Abu Dhabi, perhaps many people still cannot “calm down” after what happened at the last race. Mercedes received “bitter fruit” and could not recognize the results, but most of the F1 racing village had sent congratulations to driver #33 and Red Bull.

30 minutes after the race ended, the Mercedes team’s analysis team filed two lawsuits, one for a violation of Article 48.8 of the FIFA Sports Regulations (the content “no driver is allowed to overtake another car”. on the track, including the safety car, until the safety car line has been crossed – the Safety Car line in accordance with 5.3 – first after the safety car returns to the pit”).

Mercedes complains about unsuccessful race results

Mercedes sporting director Ron Meadows, director of racing engineering Andrew Shovlin and legal counsel Paul Harris have been summoned together with Red Bull sporting director Jonathan Wheatley to debate and give their opinions. me.

Nearly 3 hours later, the FIA ​​issued a notice dismissing the lawsuit, after considering the opinions of the parties.

“The umpire determined that even though vehicle 33 in a short period of time, had moved in front of vehicle 44, at the time the two bicycles accelerated and pressed the brakes repeatedly, and vehicle 33 was behind vehicle 44 when the Safety Car phase ended. (at Safety Car line)…”

Red Bull also emphasizes that there have been many cases before when the cars were running parallel to each other but were in the right position when running to the first Safety Car line.

The second complaint of “Silver Arrows” for violations related to article 48.12 of the Sports Regulation “cars caught in a roundabout may pass a Safety Car under safe vehicle conditions”.

F1 racing to welcome

The decisive pass at the last 5 laps

The FIA ​​then issued a notice denying this lawsuit, officially recognizing the results and the championship for Max Verstappen.

Unyielding, a Mercedes spokesman quickly issued a statement of intent to appeal the referee’s decision. They have 72 hours to do this, before the FIA ​​year-end awards ceremony next Thursday.

Mercedes has set a new record with the 8th consecutive team championship, but this certainly will not “appease” the defeat on the personal “battlefield” of Lewis Hamilton. However, the British champion and Valtteri Bottas, the driver who ended the 5-year journey with Mercedes, still feels happy and proud when the team has this new achievement.

F1 racing welcomes

The two championship contenders respect each other

“I think the whole team, along with the members who work at the factory, have performed brilliantly throughout the season while working non-stop.

This has been clearly the toughest season and I’m proud of them, it’s great to be part of an unforgettable journey with Mercedes. At the end of the season we did our best and did not accept to give up. That’s the most important thing,” Hamilton shared

Bottas also has his final touches as a Mercedes driver. “Winning the team championship is an important achievement for the entire team. I have mixed feelings (with the race results) and we need some time to accept it.”

Red Bull team leader Christian Horner described the Abu Dhabi GP as a race with too many “emotional ups and downs”. He said Hamilton had a better start and the W12 was also faster than the RB16B in the race on December 12.

F1 racing to welcome

Horner shed tears after Verstappen finished first

“They chose 1 pit-stop against our 2. And when Latifi had an accident, we changed 1 more set of tires. It was a miracle that the race was able to return for another lap and Max converted the ‘golden chance’ to win.

The race is a combination of many factors and I commend the FIA ​​and the referees, who I think made the right decisions (in the race).

“… We are proud of Max. You need to remember this is a young man fulfilling his dream. He’s been competing with some of the best drivers in the world at the moment, including world champions, and has been in excellent form all season. For a 24-year-old driver, what he has achieved is impressive.”

F1 racing to welcome

Verstappen’s Dream Come True

With this championship, Max Verstappen became the fourth youngest driver in the history of F1 world when crowned at 24 years and 73 days, only after Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. Max raved about his teammate Sergio Perez, saying that without Checo he would not be where he is today.

The Dutch driver said he has won everything in F1 and every achievement later will be as additional rewards in his career.

Verstappen looks forward to defending his championship in the new era of F1, starting in 2022. Most likely Max will choose No. 1 on the car as he has shared.

Other F1 drivers also congratulated the new F1 champion in 2021, including his great support teammate Sergio Perez, former champions Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel or young drivers of the same age. with Verstappen like Sainz, Leclerc, Ocon or Gasly. Everyone has a lot of words for Max, congratulates him and the team on their relentless efforts, and delivered the most unbelievable and craziest season in the more than 70-year history of the tournament.

F1 racing to welcome

Sainz congratulates his former teammate at Toro Rosso

And with Honda, they had a beautiful ending before parting with F1, but surely their members who directly work with Red Bull will somewhat regret leaving in the current successful period.

The Abu Dhabi leg, it is impossible not to mention the “snowman” Kimi Raikkonen, the driver of Alfa Romeo unfortunately could not finish the race due to an accident, but the fans “given” him the Driver of the Day title. in the end with the number of votes up to 42.8%.

A beautiful hello to the flying Finn, as he wraps up his F1 career spanning 349 starts, 27 wins, 103 podiums, 18 poles and a 2007 F1 championship with a memorable Ferrari.

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F1 racing, Abu Dhabi GP: Verstappen overtakes Hamilton in the final round, the historic championship

(F1 racing news) Verstappen had a spectacular overthrow of Hamilton to become the F1 champion.

According to Roger Bui (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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