F1 racing, Styrian GP test run: Advantage for the homeowner, waiting for the unexpected factor from the weather

Saturday, June 26, 2021 00:53 AM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, F1 racing news) Following the victory at Paul Ricard last weekend, Max Verstappen confidently entered a series of 2 consecutive races on the Red Bull Ring track, which is also the “home ground” of the Red racing team. Bull. He was completely in control on the 6th day while the group behind had many pleasant surprises. However, the rain that fans expect has not yet come.

FP1: “House of Bulls” takes the lead thanks to Verstappen and … Gasly

Taking the lead in the early stages on Hard and Medium tires, Verstappen secured first place in his first lap in Spielberg, Austria with a red-rimmed Soft lap in the middle of FP1 clocking a time of 1 minute 05,910 seconds.

AlphaTauri’s steering wheel, Pierre Gasly also demonstrated speed on the 4.3km stretch and successfully converted to second place, 0.256s slower than Verstappen. Honda engines are showing well early on at their home circuit including 3 long straights in a row.

AlphaTauri surprisingly in the top 5 FP1

More importantly, the direct rival of the ‘bull’, Mercedes only had the highest achievement with Lewis Hamilton’s P3, and the British driver was inferior to Verstappen to 0.422s, a big difference in a short lap at Red Bull Ring. Valtteri Bottas is right behind his teammate in P4. Rookie Yuki Tsunoda also surprised and helped AlphaTauri have both cars in the top 5, only losing to Hamilton by 0.065s. The Japanese driver won the pole in the F2 2020 here.

Alpine maintained steady form as Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon finished 6th and 7th respectively. While Lance Stroll put Aston Martin in the top 8, followed by Alfa Romeo’s Antonio Giovinazzi. Ferrar, after the empty race in France, predicts this streak of achievements may be prolonged because they may not find a more efficient tire solution in 2021.

Charles Leclerc’s 10th place was the best they could achieve, and he was just 0.001s ahead of teammate Carlos Sainz. Steering wheel #55 complained about a problem with the accelerator pedal, and slipped in turn 1, temporarily interrupting the turn.

F1 racing, Styrian GP test run: Advantage for the 'host', waiting for the element of surprise from the weather - 3

Situation where the Ferrari SF21 slips at turn 1

McLaren also did not have a good start when Daniel Ricciardo ranked 12th and Lando Norris only ranked P16. Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel also did not have remarkable results but they often did better in the following runs.

Up to 16 steering wheel is within 1 second of Verstappen’s fastest achievement. Behind, Robert Kubica replaced Kimi Raikkonen on the Alfa Romeo C41 and ranked 19th overall after 30 laps completed. Polish steering wheel “clamp” between the rookie duo of Haas, Mick Schumacher (P18) and Nikita Mazepin (P20).

FP2: Red Bull flies high, surprise McLaren and Alpine

The weather conditions during the FP2 run turned worse when dark clouds came to the racetrack, although it did not cause rain, the winds made the racers “wretched”. After taking 2nd place at FP1, AlphaTauri discovered some problems with Gasly’s PU that prevented him from attending FP2 regretfully.

F1 racing, Styrian GP test run: Advantage for the 'host', waiting for the element of surprise from the weather - 4

Ricciardo (McLaren) ranked 2nd in the FP2 run

Verstappen continued to lead the second run with a record of 1 minute 05,412 seconds, leaving the group chasing behind by more than 0.3 seconds. Ricciardo unexpectedly ranked 2nd for McLaren, losing to his former teammate at Red Bull 0.336s. Ocon stood right behind the Australian steering wheel with a difference of only 0.042s. Hamilton achieved enough results for him to place P4 while teammate Bottas only finished 12th overall.

The Mercedes duo ran the opposite program as Bottas started with Soft tires and ended with Hard and Hamilton ran Hard-Soft. The Finnish driver also encountered a rare situation when he slipped in the pit-lane as soon as he left the garage area, and had to rely on the help of McLaren employees to return.

F1 racing, Styrian GP test run: Advantage for the 'host', waiting for the element of surprise from the weather - 5

Bottas slipped in the pit-lane because the tires were too cold

Alonso helped Alpine have 2 cars in the top 5 when ranked right behind Hamilton. Meanwhile, the duo of Aston Martin, Vettel and Stroll ranked 6th and 8th, respectively, with Norris between them. Perez and Giovinazzi are the two remaining names in the top 10. The gap between 2nd and 10th place is just over 0.4s.

Sainz went on to have one more miss in turn 5 at FP2 and placed P11 in the end while Leclerc got a modest 13th. “Snowman” Raikkonen in 14th place was the last driver in about 1s compared to Max. Tsunoda dropped from 5th in FP1 to 15th in FP2. In addition to Sainz, Mazepin and Nicholas Latifi made mistakes in this run.

In general, Verstappen has a great advantage against the “silver arrow” after the first day of competition, but the rain element is still likely to appear at any time in the next 2 days and can completely mess up the game. race this weekend.

Detailed results of two sessions running FP1 and FP2 of Styrian GP 2021:


F1 racing, Styrian GP test run: Advantage for the 'host', waiting for the element of surprise from the weather - 6


F1 racing, Styrian GP test run: Advantage for the 'host', waiting for the element of surprise from the weather - 7

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