F1 racing, Spanish GP: Hamilton upstream, leveling a legendary record

Sunday, May 9, 2021 22:00 PM (GMT + 7)

(F1 racing news) Lewis Hamilton was behind most of the time but won backwards at the end of the race.

Lewis Hamilton won the Spanish GP to get the 98th winning race of his career. He did not have a good start but jumped ahead of Max Verstappen at a crucial moment, leaving the opponent with only second place while teammate Valtteri Bottas came in 3.

Lewis Hamilton was behind Verstappen for most of the race but surpassed in the last 7 laps

Verstappen took the lead from the start, but the two-stop tactic of Hamilton and Mercedes in round 42 caused the Dutch driver to start being followed. Hamilton was only 3 seconds from Verstappen in 58, 1.5 seconds in 59, and by 60 the British racer took the lead after Verstappen fell behind in turn 1. Verstappen entered the pit- stop at leg 11 and try to chase in the final rounds but failed.

With this victory, Hamilton became the second driver in history to win a race 5 times in a row, after the late legendary Ayrton Senna. Verstappen with a tactical mistake was left over 15 seconds, while Bottas finished third.

Charles Leclerc finished fourth, while Sergio Perez beat Daniel Ricciardo in a mini match between the two riders for fifth place. In the remaining scoring positions, Carlos Sainz came in seventh while Lando Norris was behind. Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly finished the top 10.

F1 racing, Spanish GP: Hamilton upstream, leveling a legendary record - 3

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