F1 racing, Mexican GP: Hamilton’s brainstorming series

(Sports news, F1 racing news) Mexican GP returns after a year of absence to start a triple-header series for 3 consecutive weeks. It was also the beginning of the last 5 intense races, considered as a penalty shootout in the final between Hamilton and Verstappen to find the winner!

Champion’s fight

Never before has a war been so intense between Mercedes and Red Bull. It is also the first time in the past 8 years that the German racing team has encountered such a big challenge from the opponent. There are times when Ferrari has done that, but only in the first half of the season. Now, with 5 races ahead and the ‘bulls’, typically Verstappen, are 12 points ahead of champion Hamilton with 5 races ahead. The problem is that this score gap is too small for anyone to change the situation after just 1 race!!!

Remember, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is a place about 2,200m above sea level with thin air, which will be a disadvantage for Mercedes. And recently this racing team has always complained about their engine efficiency decreasing with the number of kilometers rolled. In the thin air conditions in Mexico City will greatly affect their Turbo system!!!

When the air is about 25% thinner, this turbocharger rotates at a higher speed and compresses more air, which also helps increase the amount of oxygen in the gasoline-air mixture entering the combustion chamber. But the problem is, this means turbo work harder, with revs will have to reach a ceiling of 125,000 rpm which can lead to overheating. Meanwhile, in a thin air environment, the cooling efficiency on the car is reduced, so the air flow into the body through the air vents will not be cooled enough to create optimal performance!!!

Uncompromising confrontation: Hamilton vs Verstappen.

With its low ground design philosophy to create less drag, perhaps Mercedes will have to make some sacrifices to create optimal cooling efficiency.

Red Bull is different, their engine design delivering more performance in Mexico than anywhere else throughout the season. The most obvious proof, they were the fastest laps here in the last time, and it was Verstappen who won the pole.

Another disadvantage with all racing teams, we know that the car in Monaco is designed to have as much downforce as possible, and if you bring that aerodynamic package to Mexico, the downforce it will bring. generated is also smaller than Monza – the track requires the lowest compression force, because of the effects of low air pressure in places too high above sea level. So whether it’s Mercedes’ low chassis design or Red Bull’s high ground design will not make a big enough difference to create an advantage on the track!

With conditions at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, one detail to keep in mind is that racing teams will also have the challenge of maintaining optimal brake and tire temperatures to maintain speed on the track.

With these challenges, it seems that Red Bull has the upper hand over Mercedes – But with all the two teams have shown so far this season, it is difficult to say who will definitely win in a particular race. . Because there are so many ‘variables’ that can alter the final outcome. Hamilton will not easily let his opponent pass, whether it is Verstappen or any other opponent!!!

Red Bull has always won pole here, and they have more confidence after finishing Mercedes’ pole series in Austin more than a week ago in the US. Verstappen is also a predestined driver with Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez when this is one of two races (with the Red Bull Ring) where this driver has more than 1 victory. But be very careful with Mercedes, because Hamilton is also a driver who has the same victory as the opponent!!!

Podium does not belong to anyone

The “default” podium of the above duo, the remaining position will be an unpredictable race. Red Bull’s Mexican driver Perez is desperate to be on the podium in his home country, and this weekend is his biggest chance yet. But the challenge will come from Bottas, because at least the Finnish driver is in the last races with Mercedes, not under much pressure, and more importantly, this driver also owns 3podium here, so if Perez once more missed an appointment, it’s not too surprising!!!

F1 racing, Mexican GP: Hamilton's brainstorming series - 3

Who’s faster than who’s weekend in Mexico City!?

Both ‘number 2’ drivers are also under tremendous pressure from the drivers of McLaren and Ferrari. Because in addition to the ambition to be on the podium to receive the award, they also have their own goal – that is the competition for 3rd place in the team. 3.5 points is too small a gap to change the situation at any time between these two racing teams.

If McLaren has Ricciardo who won the pole in Red Bull’s shirt, on the contrary, Ferrari also has Leclerc starting at pole position in 2019 (after the 3-step penalty of pole-winning driver Verstappen, for ignoring the yellow flag). It will be a true battle of the riders who used to be pole!!!

In the back, a new Norris once raced at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez and could not finish the race, there is also a “equivalent, equal” opponent, Sainz – the driver who has never scored here. And the matchup is also interesting, because Norris is the ‘top of the table – except for Mercedes and Red Bull’ – he really has a memorable season, and just lacks a bit of luck to win. first career in Russia. In return, Sainz is the racer with the largest scoring streak at the moment with 10 consecutive races.

McLaren wants to continue to maintain the score advantage, but the recent engine upgrade package shows rival Ferrari is up to speed! It will not be too surprising that after this weekend, the 3rd place racing team has one more change of hands!?

Top 5 racing has hot!

F1 racing, Mexican GP: Hamilton's brainstorming series - 4

Will AlphaTauri catch up with the competition!

Alpine (104 points) is almost considered solid at team 5! But their poor form has not helped widen the gap in recent races. Fortunately, AlphaTaur (94 points) is not in much better shape either. If overcoming difficulties at Mexican GP, ​​the possibility that the duo Alonso and Ocon will help the team move further forward – surely not easy!? Because like Red Bull, the “Italian red bull” racing team believes in its advantage so that Gasly and Tsunoda can close the gap of 10 points behind the opponent.

Aston Martin is definitely out of the race with the two teams mentioned above, because although Vettel is too familiar with Mexico, they have only earned 3 points in the last 3 stages of the team, currently 32 points behind the nearest opponent. is not levelable in the remaining laps.

Finally, if participating in the top scorers will be the success of Williams or Alfa Romeo because it is very unlikely. As for Haas, if this season they are not empty-handed – that’s a surprise!!!

Mexican GP 2021 returns after a season of absence, the race takes place at the most thrilling time of the season with close competition between Mercedes and Red Bull with the top changing hands through each race! Will champion Hamilton pull through or will Verstappen turn his advantage into another win at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez this weekend!? Follow the F1 Gran Premio De La Ciudad De México 2021 with a test session starting at 0:30 on November 6 and the qualifying race at dawn on Sunday, at 3:00 am on November 7.

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Racing F1, Mexican GP: The advantage belongs to Red Bull?

(Sports news, F1 racing news) Leaving COTA, the racing teams will continue their journey in the Americas to prepare for the triple-header…

By Danica Patrick (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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