F1 racing in 2023: Visit the city that never sleeps, the 3rd destination in the US

(Sports news, F1 racing news) Las Vegas – the famous party and entertainment city with neon lights will welcome the arrival of F1 cars in the coming 2023. Formula 1’s American owners will bring the nation a unique night race through the city’s liveliest streets.

Las Vegas GP is scheduled to take place in November 2023, along with Miami and Austin as 3 F1 destinations to visit in the US. More specifically, the main race time is on Saturday night, instead of the traditional Sunday. This will be the 75th race in history (with more than 1050 F1 races) taking place on Saturday night.

F1 visited Las Vegas in 1981 and 1982

This is the first time in more than 40 years that Las Vegas is hosting an F1 race, passing through the most exclusive destinations in the city: the Las Vegas Strip and famous hotels and casinos.

In the previous two events, in 1981 and 1982, F1 raced on the structure in… the car park of Caesars Palace hotel is more than 3.6km long, with 14 turns and runs counterclockwise. The main race took place in harsh conditions due to desert weather, which combined with the anti-clockwise racing, caused many riders to experience neck and shoulder problems.

In the return in 2023, F1 will race on a 6.12km street track with 14 bends, the maximum speed achieved can be up to 342km / h. The structure consists of 3 straight sections including the longest 2km straight through the Strip (with 2-3 DRS areas expected), a series of high speed turns and a single chicane bend.

The total race distance is expected to be 50 laps. F1 and the owner, Liberty Media will coordinate with partners in Las Vegas to introduce, promote and widely disseminate this event.

F1 racing in 2023: Visit the

Las Vegas will host 1 F1 race from 2023

The event to announce the new race was solemnly held on the evening of Wednesday, March 30 with the presence of Liberty Media’s President and CEO, Mr. Greg Maffei and F1 President and CEO, Mr. Stefano Domenicali and representatives of the partners in Las Vegas.

“Unique Las Vegas and F1, the pinnacle of speed racing, are the perfect blend of speed and charm, mesmerizing… We are delighted to be working with our local partners to organize a memorable event. The Las Vegas GP will take F1 to the next level.” Mr. Maffei said.

“This is a great moment for F1 as it has demonstrated its charm and growth over the years. Las Vegas is a globally renowned destination for its buzz, hospitality and famed Strip neighborhood. There is no better place than the entertainment capital of the world and we can’t wait to visit it at the end of next year…” added Mr. Domenicali.

F1 racing in 2023: Visit the

Expected structure of the track

The Las Vegas Grand Prix is ​​a night race that brings the city to life with twinkling lights, providing colorful visuals. Every night in Vegas is a party, but Saturday is the main show, so it’s the ideal conditions for the F1 race to take place, allowing spectators to watch the fastest cars at the same time. The world can both visit casinos, rooftop bars or nightlife shopping.

That means race weekend starts a day earlier than usual, qualifying runs on Friday and trials starting on Thursday. The riders are very excited to be coming to Las Vegas and will certainly be here early to acclimatize to the weather, as well as have some relaxing time before entering the main event.

With the timing of the late season, and the track structure with many straight sections, high speed turns and a track width (part of The Strip area) of about 12-15m, the race is sure to take place. There are many tense, exciting and unpredictable happenings. To serve that, the pavement will be re-carpeted just before the race to meet the highest standards.

F1 racing in 2023: Visit the

Las Vegas will be the 3rd destination in the US after Austin and Miami

The design team came up with 31 different structures before coming to a final agreement. A structure with low downforce and an aerodynamic package like at Monza or Spa-Francorchamps.

Las Vegas along with Austin and Miami, three destinations with three completely different “personalities”, will all be participating in F1 in 2023. But first, let’s wait for the fans, Miami, to make its F1 debut. next May with a racetrack running around Hard Rock Stadium of the American football team – Miami Dolphins.

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