F1 racing, French GP statistics: Bull butts scored the first hat-trick since 2014

Wednesday, June 23, 2021 10:17 AM (GMT+7)

(F1 Racing News) Red Bull’s performance produces remarkable statistics at the French GP.

Unlike the past two races, the French GP at Paul Ricard this year brought tension and intrigue to fans until the last minutes, when the “bull house” successfully transformed the 2-pit strategy. -stops for Max Verstappen. The impressive achievements of Red Bull and a number of other racing teams have created remarkable statistics after the 7th race in 2021.

Ranked run: First at Paul Ricard and 8th pole in hybrid era for Red Bull

The almost absolute dominance of the “bull house” has brought Max Verstappen a pole position before the Mercedes duo. It was Verstappen’s second fastest on the seventh day, and the first non-Mercedes car to start at the top at Paul Ricard since 1990.

Max got the 5th pole of his career and the 8th of the Red Bull team in the hybrid era (145 races). Lewis Hamilton has started 2nd place more this season than any other – 4th time in 7 races.

It’s been 8 years since Red Bull last had a hat-trick win

Valtteri Bottas finished third, having finished in the top two only once on Saturday this season, when he won pole in Pôtimão, Portugal. Sergio Perez ranked P4, he always has a difference of over 0.35s compared to his teammates in the last 4 stages. Carlos Sainz has beaten his teammate for the second time this season and Charles Leclerc has also been behind teammate Paul Ricard for the first time in his career. He only ranked P7 after 2 consecutive poles in Monaco and Baku.

Pierre Gasly has the 5th stage in the top 6 this season, although in the whole year of 2020, the host driver has only done it once. Lando Norris maintains a streak of 100% reaching Q3 in 2021 but has only been in the top 6 once (5th place in Monaco).

Fernando Alonso (Alpine) has the fourth stage to reach Q3, one more time than teammate Esteban Ocon, who missed the third stage in Q3 in a row.

F1 racing, French GP statistics: "Bulls"  set "hat-trick"  first from 2014 - 3

Mercedes failed before the very tactics they ‘lay out’

Sebastian Vettel was eliminated from Q2 for the second time in a row, while rookie “junior” Mick Schumacher helped Haas reach Q2 for the first time this season, the first time after 12 stages since the Nurburgring 2020. Nicholas Latifi (Williams) is only a short distance from Q2. exactly 0.002s, ahead of teammate George Russell himself.

The remaining three drivers who cannot enter Q2 are: Kimi Raikkonen (3rd stage this year), Lance Stroll (eliminated in all races at Paul Ricard in the past) and Yuki Tsunoda (4th stage).

Main race: Hat-trick for “bulls” and Verstappen, raising the gap between individual and team rankings

For the first time in his F1 career, Verstappen won a hat-trick in a single race – pole position, race victory and fastest lap. He overcame rival Hamilton in the penultimate lap to increase the gap on the individual rankings instead of losing the 1st place.

The British driver went three races in a row without winning, for the first time since 2019. Perez in the second RB16B also overcame Bottas in the final laps, to win the podium on the 50th anniversary of the hand. compatriot Pedro Rodriguez got his last podium – at the track where he had his last F1 start of his career.

F1 racing, French GP statistics: "Bulls"  set "hat-trick"  first from 2014 - 4

Two McLaren drivers are in the top 6

The duo “Bulls” together step onto the podium for the first time in 2021, since the last time at the Bahrain GP 2020. Bottas finished 4th, scoring for the first time this season without him finishing 3rd.

Norris finished 5th, having the 6th top 5 finish this year. Teammate Daniel Ricciardo placed 6th, bringing the second stage behind Imola, with both McLarens finishing in the top 6. This is the British team’s best performance at Paul Ricard since Ayrton Senna’s 3rd place in 1990. .

Gasly continued to be 7th, bringing his consecutive scoring streak to 6 races, longer than all the remaining drivers except Norris, the young driver has been in the top 10 in the last 12 races. Right behind the driver of AlphaTauri is Alonso, when the Alpine driver has scored 4 times in the last 6 races.

The Aston Martin duo hold the last two places in the top 10, although they have never previously had points at Paul Ricard during their time at Force India and Racing Point.

F1 racing, French GP statistics: "Bulls"  set "hat-trick"  first from 2014 - 5

Aston Martin has the second stage to score double points this season

Sainz and Leclerc finished 11th and 16th respectively, leaving Ferrari unable to score for the first time in 2021. Russell has the highest finish for Williams this season with 12th, helping the team regain their place. 9th place on the team rankings before Haas.

Finally, the French GP 2021 saw all 20 cars successfully reach the finish line, the 10th time in F1 history and the sixth in the turbo-hybrid era.

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