F1 racing, Emilia Romagna GP: Red Bull maintains the advantage, Mercedes is absent from the top 10

Sprint racing is back for the 2022 season with its first destination at the Imola racetrack, San Marino, Italy. The top starting order did not have too many fluctuations and the joy has returned to the Red Bull family.

FP2: Russell and Mercedes take the lead

British young driver, George Russell has the best record, 1 minute 19,457s in the run where the racing teams focus on getting long-run data for the subsequent Sprint and the race. Sunday itself. Russell is 0.081s faster than the second, Sergio Perez (Red Bull), while Charles Leclerc is in the third.

Mercedes tops FP2

After a wet day 6, the FP2 at Imola became even more important as the track was dry, resulting in significantly better track conditions.

Lewis Hamilton’s remaining Mercedes is ranked 4th, followed by “old man” Fernando Alonso (Alpine) with his Sprint race starting rank. Carlos Sainz is back from his Q2 crash on Friday and will have to work hard from P10 during the Sprint.

AlphaTauri’s team was eliminated from Q1 on Friday, but both Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda made it to the top 10 in this run, placing 8th and 9th respectively. Meanwhile rookie Chau Quan Vu (Alfa Romeo) was the last name in the top 10. In contrast, Valtteri Bottas was sidelined for the entire 60 minutes and had no record in FP2 when the team replaced him with a new chassis.

F1 racing, Emilia Romagna GP: Red Bull maintains the advantage, Mercedes is

Final Result FP2

Daniel Riccirado had a similar situation when McLaren discovered a problem in his car and could not fix it in time. Lando Norris also had to stop the game earlier due to a brake failure. With the maximum number of points won at Sprint is 8 points, the game will become more intense and attractive than the Sprint 2021 version.

F1 Sprint: Continuing the “stage” of Verstappen-Leclerc, Sainz entered the top 4

Most drivers chose Soft tires for the 21-lap race, except for the duo of Haas, Mick Schumacher and Kevin Magnussen and Nicholas Latifi (Williams). Max Verstappen had problems starting, causing him to lose his No. 1 position to Leclerc.

Behind, facing a disadvantage when using Medium tires, Magnussen still kept P4 after the first turns, despite being warned by the referee for constantly changing direction on a straight line to defend.

F1 racing, Emilia Romagna GP: Red Bull maintains its advantage, Mercedes is

Quan Vu gave up right in round 1

The safety car also had to appear after Gasly and Quan Vu collided in round 1, causing the Chinese driver to give up early, and Gasly fell to the end of the race due to entering the pit to replace a damaged tire. The race returned in round 5, also when Perez and Sainz showed the power of the Red Bull and Ferrari cars.

The Mexican driver from the starting 7th place soon rose 2 places in lap 1 and easily beat Magnussen and Norris to take 3rd place and maintain it until the end of the race. Sainz, on the other hand, has been trying to correct his mistakes since Friday’s crash, and he overcame six cars to finish fourth overall, a position that will greatly benefit him and the Ferrari team tactically. in the main race.

F1 racing, Emilia Romagna GP: Red Bull maintains the advantage, Mercedes is

Verstappen overcame Leclerc in round 20

Meanwhile, the race for No. 1 is still the battle of Verstappen and Leclerc alone. It seemed that the overtaking in the starting situation helped Leclerc to go to victory after 21 rounds. But Verstappen’s better tire retention helped him regain his lost spot in the penultimate lap and will start the main race in P1.

Leclerc has almost no tires left and is a little short for Perez to pass if the race lasts 1 lap. But P2 is also a good result for the driver who is temporarily leading the individual rankings.

After Red Bull and Ferrari, McLaren has another successful race with 5th and 6th places for Norris and Ricciardo. Magnussen placed 7th and added 2 points for Haas, while Schumacher also had an impressive performance to win the best ranking result of F1 career so far (P10).

Bottas overtook Alonso in the decisive moment to take the final score with P8. Mercedes disappointed when Russell stomped in 11th place and Hamilton dropped one place to P14. A difficult race is waiting for the “silver arrow” ahead.

Sprint race results at Imola:

F1 racing, Emilia Romagna GP: Red Bull maintains the advantage, Mercedes is

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F1 racing, Emilia Romagna GP: Max Verstappen won pole in the wet-dry race

(Sports news – F1 news) Luck smiled for Max Verstapen on a Friday full of disruption. The defending champion took pole position for the Sprint race against Charles Leclerc….

According to Roger Bui (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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