F1 racing, Dutch GP: Verstappen won a tight pole at Zandvoort

(F1 Racing News) Charles Leclerc leads the timetable in FP3 ahead of George Russell and Max Verstappen. But the defending champion proved his strength and won the pole against Charles Leclerc and with a breathtaking distance of just 0.021 seconds.

A beautiful sunny day by the beach, very suitable for the last running session of the week. Vettel and Stroll showed up on the road with Hard tires, completed the calibration lap and returned to the pit, leaving Pérez alone on the track for the first few minutes.

As the stands get busy we see Verstappen appear. Only 1 flying lap lap and the milestone of 1 minute 12,309 seconds were created. Not long after, the number 1 driver himself lowered the time by 0.113 seconds.

Gasly’s little accident at the end of FP3

But racetrack evolution is the big factor today. Leclerc won P1 with a time of 1 minute 11,632 seconds. Russell is 2nd fastest, just 0.066 seconds slower. Verstappen had an improvement in time, but was only 3rd fastest. Sainz was 4th, 0.339 seconds slower than P1. 5th Hamilton, 0.185 seconds away.

Pérez thinks the car setup is pretty bad, and is only 6th fastest. Next is Alonso in 7th place ahead of ‘best friends’ Vettel and Schumacher. And finally Norris in 10th place. The distance between 20 riders was only 2 seconds.

Racing F1, Dutch GP: Verstappen won a tight pole at Zandvoort - 3

FP3 . Result

The evolution of the track is even more pronounced in the classification. Verstappen easily rose to the top of the table with a time of 1 minute 11,317 seconds. Tsunoda improved to 3rd. Stroll had a good lap and came in 7th. Albon continued to excel in 10th place.

Gasly, Schumacher and Ocon also escaped the danger zone. Sainz was stunned when he was pushed down to 14th. Zhou in 15th was the place to stop Bottas, Magnussen, Ricciardo, Vettel and Latifi from entering Q2. In it, Vettel had a good improvement lap before making a mistake at the end of the lap.

F1 racing, Dutch GP: Verstappen won a tight pole at Zandvoort - 4

Interesting image under the red flag in Q2

Q2 is immediately interrupted due to flares appearing on the road, along with wild pigeons. Albon, after returning to the pit, started with Verstappen first. Once again, Verstappen appeared at the top of the time table with a record of 1 minute 10,927 seconds, leading Hamilton.

Sainz improved with a time of 1 minute 10,814 seconds, along with Russell just 0.01 seconds behind, pushing Verstappen down to 3rd. Stroll and Schumacher comfortably passed Q2 with Tsunoda as gatekeeper. Gasly, Ocon, Alonso, Zhou and Albon have been dropped from Q3. The gap in the top 10 is only 0.6 seconds.

The chased pigeons still want to stay to see who wins the pole. This time, Leclerc was the faster one with a time of 1 minute 10,456 seconds. Meanwhile, Stroll accepted 10th place due to technical problems.

F1 racing, Dutch GP: Verstappen won a tight pole at Zandvoort - 5

Rating results

All back for the round of improvement. Although Leclerc made a mistake, it still shortened the time. Verstappen made the entire audience shake after reaching the top with a record of 1 minute 10,342 seconds. Sainz was only enough for 3rd place. The gap in the top 3 was less than 0.1 second.

Pérez made a mistake at the end of the lap, flying over the 13th turn. This “helped” the Mexican driver keep the 5th place. The Mercerdes duo “thanks to” could not improve and kept the 4th place and 6th. Norris 8th will start 4th row with Schumacher. Finally there was Tsunoda in 9th place, ahead of Stroll who completely missed Q3.

F1 racing, Dutch GP: Verstappen won a tight pole at Zandvoort - 6

The track evolution is evident between the two sessions

The opportunity opened up for Max Verstappen to win the 2nd consecutive victory at home. Or Charles Leclerc finds his way back into the title game. All will be clarified at 8 pm on 4/9.

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