F1 racing, Canadian GP classification: Verstappen’s solo performance

(Sports news, F1 racing news) Under heavy rain at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Verstappen took the Canadian GP pole in a volatile ranking.

Before the third test session, Ferrari decided to replace some more engine components for its steering wheel, meaning that the 10-step backward penalty no longer makes sense. Monaco driver will start last in the race Sunday afternoon. AlphaTauri racer Tsunoda will also receive the same sentence, so today’s qualifying results are not too important for these two drivers.

Weather conditions from the 3rd test run to before the start of the first qualifying round will not change as heavy rain continues. The temperature is only about 12ºC. Drivers will have to use wet tires to run in the first qualifying round.

The first qualifying round took place in bad weather conditions.

In the first qualifying round (Q1), it was still raining heavily, making it very difficult for the riders to perform the timed lap in the best possible conditions in 18 minutes.

The track was covered in dust, making it difficult for the racers to see during the timers. Mercedes’ Russell led the Q1 standings before being reclaimed by the Red Bull and Ferrari drivers. Even Magnussen or Bottas had a moment to temporarily take the lead.

Red Bull’s driver Perez is really having a hard time, when this driver’s finishing time is always in the last place and is in danger of being eliminated from the next round.

Lots of slips on the track with slight bumps on the barrier. But luckily there were no red flags in this first qualifying round. Verstappen is the driver with the best record in Q1 with 1 minute 32,219 seconds.

Surprisingly, the names that were eliminated included the duo of AlphaTauri and Aston Martin. Latifi and Stroll are two Canadian drivers who are also names that cannot advance to the next round.

16) Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri)

17) Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin)

18) Lance Stroll (Aston Martin)

19) Nicholas Latifi (Williams)

20) Yuki Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri).

F1 racing, Canadian GP classification: Verstappen's solo performance - 3

Albon ‘opens’ collision in Q2 …

Q2 will start with 15 minutes to complete. Some riders think it would be better to use intermediate tires rather than the wet tires used in the first qualifying round.

Albon immediately had a situation where he hit the barrier on turn 6 but was still able to continue running. After that, the driver lost control once more at this very corner. Alonso is the name that temporarily leads the Q2 time table.

But at this moment, Perez’s loss of control at turn 3-4, his car crashed straight into the barrier, causing the yellow muscle to be raised, immediately followed by a red flag to stop the running session to handle the car. driver’s car on the track, as well as correcting the safety barrier where the car collided.

F1 racing, Canadian GP classification: Verstappen's solo performance - 4

… and Perez halted the qualifying round.

It took about 10 minutes for Q2 to continue. In this run, most of the racers use Inter tires. Leclerc with his penalty did not participate in the 2nd qualifying round, because it did not help him much in the still rainy conditions.

The road surface is gradually reducing water, causing the lap time of the changing racers to decrease continuously. It led to the swapping of the leaderboard positions after each run on the road.

Norris has engine problems, along with Leclerc and Perez are the three names that will be eliminated in Q2. The rest of the time is a fight just to eliminate 2 more riders.

After the chase at the end of the 2nd qualifying round, both Haas drivers entered the final lap. The best performance in Q2 was set by Verstappen with 1 minute 23.746 seconds. There are 5 more riders eliminated:

11) Valtteri Bottas

12) Alex Albon

13) Sergio Perez

14) Lando Norris

15) Charles Leclerc.

F1 racing, Canadian GP classification: Verstappen's solo performance - 5

Alonso was the most surprising name again, when he finished 2nd in Q3

The final qualifying round is where Red Bull shows its strength with Verstappen. Sainz joined the top with Alonso. The Mercedes duo followed closely behind the top 3.

Ricciardo is in good form, with once again a better result than teammate Norris. But he had his first lap result removed in Q3 due to exceeding the track limit on corner 6.

All drivers changed to new Inter tires for the last run of Q3. But Russell himself risked his life with the “challenge” of dry road tires, this racer failed at turn 2 with a slight collision with the barrier.

The last minute was tense, and with his efforts, Hamilton got the 4th starting position. The two Spaniards competed and in the end Alonso won with the 2nd starting position, right. then there’s Sainz. Red Bull won the pole with driver Verstappen and the time was set at 1 minute 21,229 seconds.

The Haas duo surprised with a 5-6 position. While Russell only got 8th.

F1 racing, Canadian GP classification: Verstappen's solo performance - 6

Rating results

With this result, this race tomorrow promises to be more dramatic. When at the end of the race, there were both Perez and Leclerc. Meanwhile Verstappen will cross the finish line without difficulty – or a challenge from Ferrari’s Sainz. Pick up the Canadian GP 2022, the main race will take place on Monday morning, at 1:00 on June 20, 2022.

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