F1 racing, Belgian GP: Where Ferrari has a lot to lose

(Sports news, F1 racing news) Phase 2 of the season returns after a break, will satisfy Formula 1 fans when there are 3 races in 3 consecutive weeks. Spa-Francorchamps weekend will open the second phase of the 2022 season. Will Red Bull continue to dominate, or will Ferrari still have a chance to hold on?

Nearly a month of the mid-season break will come to an end when the 2022 season 2 war will return this weekend. Perhaps the focus of fans’ attention remains on how Red Bull will continue its impressive streak, and how Ferrari will return to the title race.

Bed Bull and Verstappen aim to win the race

Big advantage of Red Bull and Verstappen

If it is possible to briefly summarize the defending champion Verstappen at the beginning of the season, the victory when starting in 10th place in Hungary nearly last month is the best illustration. Red Bull started with 3 race failures (DNF) in the first 3 races with 1 race victory. But then it was a complete makeover performance, the next 10 races they won 8 races, of which 7 belonged to Verstappen. This result helps them fly far on the individual and team leaderboards.

It can be seen that Red Bull and Verstappen know very well what they need to do to protect the throne that they got so difficult last season. That championship helped the Dutch driver improve himself a lot. The way he won this season shows that, aside from the technical breakdown, there is almost no personal fault of this driver.

The 2021 world championship is considered as breaking the pinwheel she clamped down on Verstappen. Now this racer does not need the displays of “me” of himself. He knows the limits of what he can and can do. The Dutch driver’s 8 wins this season shows his outstanding maturity.

The difficulties faced by the champions like in Monaco and Hungary are resolved with the highest possible results. Verstappen now, with its very smart driving style, and its outstanding performance RB18, become an almost unbeatable opponent.

Red Bull and Verstappen know the race schedule for the latter part of the season, where their advantage is, where they are at a disadvantage. Know how each DNF will affect the final outcome. All are ready to bring the championship trophy to the traditional room one more time. Winning the Spa-Francorchamps weekend is the only goal to assert themselves.

Will Ferrari and Leclerc refresh themselves to get back into the fray?

Feeling the best of Ferrari is only shown in the first 3 stages. Since the race at Imola they have experienced constant disappointment. The Italian team that won at Silverstone and the Red Bull Ring could not ease the sadness of rider Leclerc, who dropped too many points, both from personal mistakes, to tactical team mistakes and technical problems. art. The distance of 80 points as an obstacle can be said to be very difficult to level.

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With Ferrari now every stage is a “final”.

Technical problems in Barcelona and Baku, personal mistakes in Paul Ricard, all while Leclerc was leading the race, took away too many points from the Monaco driver, and the gap widened when rival Verstappen is the one who won all 3 there.

Along with that is an unbelievable tactical “self-destruct” for a driver competing for the Leclerc championship like in Monaco, Silverstone and Hungaroring. Especially in Hungary, Ferrari came up with an inexplicable hard-tire strategy, and Leclerc from the top was only able to finish 6th. Although in terms of “foreign” the team’s duo of drivers. Red still thinks their tactics are still right. But reality is proving the opposite!

One thing is for sure, the F1-75 is really the most powerful car right now, in all different race configurations, which is the reason that can help them win 8/13 poles this season.

But in the main race, the mistakes mentioned above took them all. Another sensitive factor, perhaps the Red team will have to consider supporting up to 1 driver for the long-distance goal, if implemented, Sainz will be a reliable partner for Leclerc.

Before the Hungarian GP took place, Ferrari once confirmed the opportunity by winning … the remaining races, and the results are known to everyone. Will the mid-season break help Team Italy and Leclerc renew themselves to get back into the fray!?

The spirit and good form that the Monaco driver has shown in the past time is very remarkable. Both need to eliminate almost absolutely the same mistakes in the “first leg” stage, set specific goals for each specific race, before thinking about the next race, or the goal further.

The Belgian GP is the first target to conquer this weekend, and the opponent clearly wants to completely defeat their will from the moment they return. Ferrari wants to return to the race, this is the time, if not won, there will be no more opportunities for them.

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Mercedes is ambitious to turn the podium into a victory.

Mercedes dreams of taking 2nd place

Another attention will be Mercedes, they are not yet winning this year. But things are going well for them. While Ferrari is busy chasing Red Bull, the German team is gradually putting pressure on the Italian opponent. Now with only 30 points worse, the 2021 championship team is thinking about being able to overcome the opponent to take 2nd place on the leaderboard. Mercedes can make rivals, instead of competing with each other to win, will now have to “look back” to see where they are.

The problem is that it took Mercedes more than half a season to solve the car performance problem, stemming from their design philosophy that can be considered a mistake. In Hungary, the team won the pole, finishing 2-3. Although this achievement is not denied, it is more due to the individual mistakes of the opponent than the superiority on the track.

With a problematic early season design, it will be difficult to fix it within the year. Despite the obvious strides, the chances of winning this season seem unlikely to belong to Mercedes, unless both teams that preceded them have their own problems in each specific race.

The German team is expected to overcome all the existing weaknesses during the mid-season break, to enter the next stage with the best results. The podium fight always has a spot for their riders, even at the Belgian GP weekend.

One detail worth noting: In addition to their own general achievements, Mercedes’ performance also has a significant impact on the title battle that is leaning in favor of Red Bull, or they will “help” Leclerc return, or maybe they will “push” Verstappen closer to the title!

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Alonso’s change led to many fluctuations in other racing teams.

Competition for the top 4 between McLaren and Alpine

In addition to the upper group, in the rear are notable battles.

Despite being the only driver outside the top 3 to get a podium, Norris and McLaren are really facing many challenges. The British driver almost “carried the team” with 76 compared to 19 points that Ricciardo got. But perhaps this team will still have to support the Australian driver as much as possible. Because it will not be possible to win 4th place only with the efforts and results of 1 driver.

Alpine is in a much more advantageous position. Although this is Alonso’s final season with the team, the Spaniard remains an interesting challenge for all on the track. Ocon also wants to show himself to have a good position on the team when teaming up with the new driver from next season.

With Alfa Romeo showing signs of slowing down, the top 4 battle will be wrapped up with McLaren and Alpine. Not only in this weekend’s race, most likely the score comes mainly from the three names Norris, Ocon and Alonso. The chance to be recognized is that the French team will still be the team to score more points.

Competition for “seats” season 2023

With Alonso’s change in Alpine, the transfer market is asking big questions for the racing teams that have not yet finalized their personnel. How will Ricciardo play when just before the race, both sides announced that their contracts would end at the end of the season.

Is leaving McLaren, the new stop as expected or not. How does that affect the Australian driver’s end-of-season performance!? Expressing yourself in phase 2 will be important for new team selections.

Haas also need Mick Schumacher to show off before they lock in drivers for next season. Only a score is a sure thing, otherwise the young German driver needs to regularly beat ….. teammate Magnussen to ensure his future.

Williams was brought into the spotlight with Latifi, as they were weighing other options. As the only driver who has not scored this season, the Canadian driver who wants to continue his career knows what to do. But that’s hard to come by, when the FW44 is clearly not competitive on the track. Only luck can save his career!

After nearly a month of “thirst for racing”, global Formula 1 fans are back with the rotation of F1 steeds. The fight will be back as exciting as ever. Even more special, at Spa-Francorchamps, which is famous for its instability in weather, will like a spice to make the race more dramatic.

More forecast for the weekend there will be rain, there will be unpredictable developments. It is impossible to ignore the impact of new technical indicators that will be applied from this race, to limit the phenomenon of bouncing / bouncing. Watch the Belgian GP 2022, the weekend race schedule with the classification session at 9pm on Saturday, and the main race at 8pm on Sunday, August 28, 2022.

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F1 racing, Belgian GP: New generation of F1 on the longest track

(Sports news – F1 racing news) The Belgian GP is one of the oldest races in F1 history with the first race taking place on Spa-Francorchamps itself.



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