F1 racing, Azerbaijan GP: Verstappen equals the legendary F1 record, Ferrari sinks into a deep crisis

(Sports news, F1 racing news) This year’s Azerbaijan GP race at Baku racetrack was not as attractive as expected but still brought a lot of remarkable numbers. Especially the victory of Max Verstappen, who missed the chance to win the title 12 months ago. Here are some of the most impressive statistics after stage 8…

Ranked Runs: Leclerc rises above the ‘gold chart’ in Baku

The important run on the 7th day at Baku street took place with many interesting developments and there was no shortage of red flag incidents (from Lance Stroll (Aston Martin)). In the end, Charles Leclerc had a perfect lap to win the 4th pole in a row this season (although Red Bull is the champion in the last 3 races).

Leclerc is the first driver to get more than 1 pole in Baku and he also beats rival Max Verstappen in career poles (15 times).

Verstappen overtakes Vettel in podium achievement for “bulls”

Sergio Perez has fuel issues but still manages to get the 2nd fastest, 2nd top finish this season for Red Bull. Meanwhile, Carlos Sainz, despite making a mistake in the decisive lap, still got the best starting position in Baku – P4. This is the 6th time in 8 races, Ferrari and Red Bull have occupied the 4 highest starting positions.

George Russell ranked 5th, only the 2nd stage he stood in 3 starting lines earlier this year. The British driver has for the 3rd time in a row defeated his “senior” teammate Lewis Hamilton, who is only 7th.

Between the two Mercedes is Pierre Gasly with the best ranking result of the year for AlphaTauri and the second time in a row in the top 6 Baku. P6 is also the position of 2021 race winner, Red Bull’s Perez.

F1 racing, Azerbaijan GP: Verstappen equals the legendary F1 record, Ferrari sinks into a deep crisis - 3

Ferrari continues to have a good race… until the middle of the main race

Yuki Tsunoda’s 8th place is the Japanese driver’s best Saturday performance this year. Behind is Sebastian Vettel with the 2nd stage in a row ranking 9th and improving 2 places compared to Baku 2021, where he finished 2nd and won the podium. No McLaren car has made the top 10 for the first time since Saudi Arabia earlier this season.

Esteban Ocon was eliminated from Q2, the Alpine driver only had 3 races in Q3 this season. Chau Quan Vu ranks above teammate Valtteri Bottas for the first time, but Alfa Romeo has yet to reach the top 10 in Baku. At Haas, Mick Schumacher was eliminated from Q1 for the first time this season.

As for Lance Stroll, he has been eliminated in Q1 for 3 consecutive races this year, and at the Baku circuit itself, and he has a 2nd consecutive year of accidents and early stops.

Main race: Verstappen sets podium record with Red Bull

F1 racing, Azerbaijan GP: Verstappen equals the legendary F1 record, Ferrari sinks into a deep crisis - 4

It’s been 25 years since Ferrari last had 2 cars with technical problems in the same race

Verstappen became the sixth driver to win the six races held in Baku. This victory helps Red Bull have 5 consecutive victories, the 3rd time in their history to do this (Sebastian Vettel won 9 consecutive races in 2013 and the Verstappen-Perez duo won 5 consecutive races in 2021. ). The Dutch driver has never stood on the podium in Baku before, so far, only Monza has not received any podium.

With this achievement, Verstappen had the 66th podium for the “bull” surpassing Vettel’s record with the Austrian racing team. The 25th career win helps him equalize the achievement with 2 legends Jim Clark and Niki Lauda, ​​ranked 9th on the All-time leaderboard. With that, Red Bull also equalized Lotus in 5th place in all-time team wins, 81 wins.

F1 racing, Azerbaijan GP: Verstappen equals the legendary F1 record, Ferrari sinks into a deep crisis - 5

Russell has the 8th stage to the top 5 and the 3rd podium in 2022

Verstappen gets his 100th score as a Red Bull driver (excluding F1 Sprint). Perez finished second, helping Red Bull to have the 20th 1-2 finish in history and the 3rd time in the last 5 races, after having only 1 time in the previous 8 seasons (Malaysia 2016). This is also the 4th podium of the Mexican driver in Baku, spread in all 3 positions of No. 1 (2021), No. 2 (2022), and No. 3 (2016/2018), making him the most successful driver. Azerbaijan GP.

Russell ranked 3rd and maintains an impressive streak of being in the top 5 and scoring in all races as well as being the only driver to complete all the laps of the 2022 season so far. This is also the third stage for Russell to be in the top of this year’s podium (besides Australia and Spain) and are both in 3rd place.

F1 racing, Azerbaijan GP: Verstappen equals the legendary F1 record, Ferrari sinks into a deep crisis - 6

AlphaTauri has the best results since the beginning of the year

Teammate Hamilton won P4, the first top 4 of driver #44 in 5 stages. Currently, the gap on the individual rankings between Russell and Hamilton is 37 points. 5th is Gasly, with the first score since Albert Park and AlphaTauri’s best in 2022.

Vettel finished 6th for Aston Martin, with the team (including all the names Force India, Racing Point or Aston Martin) finished top 6 in all F1 races held in Baku. Alonso finished 7th, equal to the finish he had at Monaco on the day he set a record for the “seniority” of his F1 career (from the debut race – 2001 to the last race) which lasted 7,771 days.

F1 racing, Azerbaijan GP: Verstappen equals the legendary F1 record, Ferrari sinks into a deep crisis - 7

Alonso officially becomes the longest-serving F1 driver

Daniel Ricciardo has the second scoring stage this year (P6 in Australia and F1 Sprint in Imola) with P8. McLaren’s remaining driver, Lando Norris is 9th and has the 50th point in his career (excluding the F1 Sprint). Ocon is the name to score the last point and also his first leg in Baku since 2017. Valtteri Bottas – P11 is outside the top for the second time this season (DNF in Jeddah).

As for Ferrari, they have 2 DNFs in a race for the first time since Monza 2020 and now they are 80 points behind Red Bull in the team rankings despite being the leader before the Spanish GP took place. Leclerc was the one to win the pole but had to give up while leading in 2 of the last 3 stages. Currently, the Monaco driver is 34 points behind Verstappen in the personal rankings.

Source: https://tcdulichtphcm.vn/the-thao/dua-xe-f1-azerbaijan-gp-verstappen-can-bang-ky-luc-huyen-thoai…

F1 racing, Azerbaijan GP: Red Bull wins maximum points, bitter end for Ferrari

(Sports news, F1 news) Perez led the race from the first lap, and Max Verstappen led a perfect 1-2 at the Azerbaijan GP, ​​while both Ferrari drivers were DNF, paving the way for…

According to Roger Bui (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)



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