F1 Racing, Austrian GP: First Sprint Formula at Red Bull Ring

(Sports News – F1 Racing News) At the end of an emotional race at Silverstone, the teams focused on Austria, where the next round at the Red Bull Ring will take place.

Austria was officially part of the F1 calendar in 1964. The race took place at the Zeltweg Airfield circuit at Zeltweg Air Base, Styria. Although the race was successful, the narrow and rough track was considered too dangerous for this speed sport. So until a suitable track is built, the Austrian GP can return to the F1 calendar.

In 1969, the Österreichring (Austrian Circuit) was built right “opposite” Zeltweg. And the Austrian GP returned for 18 consecutive laps from 1970 to 1987. In 1975, the race was designated the European Grand Prix, the title assigned to an annual European Grand Prix.

But the Österreichring was deemed too dangerous by FIA standards, with the number of high-speed turns and accidents when starting on a tight starting stretch. Attempts to bring the race back were unsuccessful, and just like that, F1 did not return to Austria for a decade.

Red Bull Ring, Spielberg, Styria, Austria

In 1995 – 1996, Hermann Tilke brought a new face to the Österreichring. And since all construction costs are covered by mobile network provider A1, the new track is named A1-Ring. The entire first half has been omitted, replaced with a straight cut to the second half. The length of a lap is shortened from 5,942 km to 4,326 km. The Austrian GP returned to the F1 calendar from 1997 to 2003.

In 2008, Red Bull spent 70 million euros on the reconstruction of the track. The A1-Ring reopened in May 2011 as the Red Bull Ring. By July 2013, the racetrack owner had reached an agreement with Bernie Ecclestone, the former F1 chief executive, to “revive” the Austrian GP after a 10-year absence. Racing returned to F1 in July 2014.

Due to the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, the number of races is limited due to movement restrictions of countries. Red Bull Ring is one of three venues to host two consecutive races. In addition, this is the first time a racetrack in Europe (and also the first time in Austria) has hosted the first round of the F1 season since 1966 in Monaco.

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Track map

In 2021, there are 2 races held at the Red Bull Ring, making the 2021 season the longest in history with a total of 22 races.

The main race will take place in 71 laps with a total distance of 306,452 km. Red Bull Ring is set up in 3 DRS areas, located on 3 long straight lines from the end of the 10th corner to the 4th corner. Lap record belongs to Carlos Sainz set at Styrian GP 2020.

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Pirelli . tire selection

The Red Bull Ring is a 4,318 km long “glider ride” with only 10 turns and constant elevation changes. Pirelli chose the 3 softest tires for this race. This is the same choice with the Styrian GP 2021. Of course, this year’s tire structure is completely different.

The Austrian GP is where the second Sprint of the season takes place. Each team instead of having 13 sets of smooth tires for the whole weekend, that number is only 12. Including 2 sets of Hard tires, 4 sets of Medium tires and 6 sets of Soft tires. The racing teams also have 6 sets of Intermediate tires and 3 sets of Wet tires for the rain.

In addition, teams Alpine, McLaren, Red Bull and Williams will contribute to next year’s tire testing of Pirelli after this race.

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“Specialty” of Red Bull Ring

The audience at the Red Bull Ring will bring orange color to cover the stands. Max Verstappen always receives the warmest cheers in Austria. And this time the Dutch driver came here as the defending champion, along with the driver leading the championship race.

No matter how good or bad things happen, Dutch fans always know how to create a lively atmosphere during the weekend.

This is the second Sprint, giving the riders the opportunity to pocket up to 34 maximum points, as well as for the audience to enjoy the competition right from the first run. Watch Formula 1 Rolex Grosser Preis Von Österreich 2022 starting with the 1st test run at 6:30pm on July 8.

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