F1 Racing, Abu Dhabi GP: Win is KING!

(Sports news, F1 racing news) When the 2021 season begins, no “screenwriter” no matter how rich in imagination can think of such a crazy and fascinating scenario for F1 2021. Lewis Hamilton goes up against Max Verstappen for a very simple fight – whoever is faster will be the champion.

Many fans probably do not remember, or do not know, ever since there has been a battle for the title of the championship season as breathtaking as the current one. It can be said that, in the more than 70 years of Formula 1 history, the last time a similar situation happened was nearly half a century ago. In 1974, in the final race, the two drivers leading the rankings had the same score.

Lewis Hamilton goes up against Max Verstappen for a very simple fight

The race at Jeddah last weekend could not have been more dramatic, from Hamilton comfortably leading, the red flags that halted the race completely changed the course of the race with unpredictable turns. Two re-starts after red flags were controversial situations with penalties, and then Verstappen was still leading the race – probably going to be very controversial later (even after this season is over, maybe it hasn’t stopped yet).

The culmination is after the virtual safety car signal is issued and terminated. The duel phase plus penalty made the race out of control of the young Dutch driver, bringing the victory to Hamilton. The two drivers entered the final stage with equal scores.

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Hamilton vs Verstappen – historic battle

In short, Verstappen is showing more willingness to take risks and be more aggressive, because this driver has the advantage of secondary stats. If both have to stop in the race, it will be to the advantage of the Red Bull driver.

The last time the Red Bull won the team championship was in 2013, and perhaps this year they will be unable to achieve this goal again. Because just 17 more points, regardless of the opponent’s results, Mercedes will be the champion for the 8th time in a row. Mr. Horner determined that a miracle was needed for Red Bull to turn the game around. Meanwhile Mr. Wolff will certainly feel comfortable in the final race.

That’s why Mercedes is negligent, because they know the fight in Abu Dhabi will be decisive with their Hamilton driver, so the racing team is highly focused, to ensure what has been in the past races. continued to be shown in the final match at Yas Marina!

All judgments and analysis are not so valuable now. Because Abu Dhabi weekend will be a classic fight between Hamilton – who is looking for an eighth championship, and Verstappen – ambitious to conquer the first championship of his career.

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Ferrari surpasses at the most important moment to finish in the top 3

McLaren vs Ferrari will probably turn the end of the season into a more personal race. Because McLaren’s distance of 38.5 points less means – a necessary condition: if one of their two drivers does not win at Yas Marina, and the other driver joins the top 3 – then it is a ‘message’ impossible mission’.

And the championship battle between Mercedes and Red Bull is heating up, adding Bottas wants to have the best possible farewell, the fact that Norris or Ricciardo can be on the podium is already a success for the team. More qualifying conditions: Ferrari empty-handed!? McLaren should forget about 3rd place team!!!

It is not possible to become the 3rd strongest team, but at least there is another goal – the best driver (besides Mercedes and Red Bull). Individual rankings are something Norris is working on more than ever. The young British driver achieved very good results from the beginning of the season, at one point he stabilized in individual 3rd place. But with unstoppable strength, Bottas and Perez respectively overcame and pushed him down to 5th place. Then, in the penultimate race, this driver was once again surpassed by Ferrari’s Leclerc (158 points) with 4 points. than.

To motivate the racers, McLaren in the last leg brought on a new look when incorporating the Vuse label of its partner BAT. Although there was no chance to surpass the Italian team, Norris still aspired to surpass. Because this racer had a season where he learned a lot. If it is not possible to get 5th individually, perhaps it will be the driving force for this driver to be determined to have the first victory of his career next season – something he has been very close to in Russia this season.

Abu Dhabi is the place where the last two years have seen Ferrari and McLaren finish third in the final, respectively. This year, almost everything is arranged. It is a ‘progress’ for the Italian team, compared to last season. The goal of the final race team remains unchanged, continuing to achieve the highest possible performance. Trying to close the gap with big competitors by accumulating data for next season’s car development is being done.

And most importantly, support Leclerc to maintain the position he has obtained against rival Norris, if favorable, maybe even Sainz (149.5 points) can overcome the 4.5-point gap with the British driver! Sainz will certainly aim to extend his consecutive scoring streak to 15 races in the final race of the season.

Yas Marina weekend, if the ranking results bring the Ferrari and Norris duo together in the main race, it will be an interesting match, and maybe the McLaren driver will surprise by surpassing. In fact, the Italian duo will have the advantage in this confrontation.

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Farewell to Kimi, 2007 World Champion

In terms of team rankings, the Abu Dhabi ‘final night’ will have no fluctuations in the team rankings from 3 to 10, belonging to Ferrari, McLaren, Alpine, AlphaTauri, Aston Martin, Williams, Alfa Romeo and Haas, respectively.

Of these, perhaps the most unfortunate is AlphaTauri, because their strength deserves to be in the top 5! Gasly alone couldn’t get them to that location. The French driver scored 100/120 points for the team, and that was not enough. Because the duo Alonso (77 points) and Ocon (72 points) help Alpine definitely finish 5th as a teammate. In theory, 29 is not an impossible score, but Gasly/Tsunoda needs to finish the race on podium and…. empty-handed opponent…!!!

The second regret, Haas will have the first time to score, and the disappointment cannot be greater when they are empty-handed this season. Maybe the score will come to them in the… new season!

And in the end, it’s regret! Kimi Raikkonen will race the 349th stage of his career, and it will also be the last race of his career. Farewell to the 2007 champion, farewell to one of the icons of modern F1.

Yas Marina Circuit weekend was the site of an unprecedented, most special fight in Formula 1 history. Hamilton vs. Verstappen, two drivers equal points. So the battle will find the 2021 champion in the simplest way possible, no need to consider the score, no need to consider the ranking – it’s all about who is better than the opponent, that person is the WINNER. This Abu Dhabi GP 2021 is truly a mark forever etched in history. Watch the race, starting with the test session at 16:30 on Friday, and the qualifying round at 8 pm on Saturday, December 11, 2021.

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F1 racing, Abu Dhabi GP: The final race decides the

(F1 racing news, sports news) There is only 1 final race left of the 2021 season, where the final champion will be…

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