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HanoiAfter 9 pm, Anh Thu wore tight clothes, tried to hold back his cough to go out to buy medicine and food, after two days of contracting Covid-19.

Every time she escaped like this, she had to try very hard to suppress her fear. “I clearly understand that I am violating the epidemic prevention and control regulations. But if I obey, I will not die of illness but also die of hunger,” said a 27-year-old female office worker in My Dinh 1 ward, Nam Tu Liem district.

According to regulations, during the time of infection, F0 must not leave the medical isolation place. If you go out without permission, you will be subject to an administrative fine of 15 to 20 million dong.

To avoid infection, Thu wears tight clothes, chooses to shop close to closing time, and tries to stock up a lot. Nearly 10 days of isolation, the female office worker admitted to sneaking out twice.

Some drugs Anh Thu sneaked down to the pharmacy to buy on the evening of March 9. Photo: Characters provided

Ms. Hong Mai, in Yen Hoa ward, Cau Giay district, also once fell into the situation of knowing wrong but still had to do like Anh Thu.

On February 20, she, her husband and son contracted Covid-19. A day later, her husband’s parents, both over 80 years old, who lived near the house also tested positive. Relatives are also F0 can not help anything. Ordering online can only help with a few things, but not sure where to put medicine and medical equipment, Mai had to wear protective gear outside despite a fierce cough and low fever.

“It’s the only choice,” sighed the 36-year-old woman.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huy Nga, former Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health, said that the F0 compliance with 5K and going out is suitable for the epidemic situation, gradually moving towards adaptation and normalization. “They go out to serve urgent needs such as buying medicine, food, limiting contact will be less likely to spread the disease, especially when the whole country has high vaccine coverage,” Mr. Nga said.

According to experts, there are many F0 in the community, but most do not know they are infected or intentionally hide the disease. Therefore, the core issue is the sense of protecting oneself and the community, instead of relying on regulations that are no longer suitable for the new context.

Ms. Huyen Mai, Hoang Liet ward, Hoang Mai district is angry again when she thinks that the current F0 isolation regulations are too half-hearted. The time she was infected with Covid-19 in mid-February, all three of her family members were asked to go to the ward health station for confirmation. “Isolated, forbidden to go out on the street, but asked to go to the ward for testing, get proof of F0. So what does isolation mean?”, she said, and said that the current isolation regulations only bring formality, not as thorough as the first outbreaks.

Mai also confirmed that she knew many people were infected but did not notify the authorities for fear of being isolated. They are still free to go out to eat, go to work, because of the concept “everyone will become F0”, while the medical force in the ward is thin, the management and supervision cannot be closely followed.

People infected with Covid-19 are queuing for a certificate of isolation in Hoang Liet ward, on the afternoon of February 28.  Photo: Pham Chieu.

People infected with Covid-19 are queuing for a certificate of isolation in Hoang Liet ward, on the afternoon of February 28. Photo: Pham Chieu.

Talk to reporters VnExpress, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Hung, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Association for Infection Control, said that implementing absolute isolation for F0 and F1 as in the previous stages is no longer feasible in the current situation. “Because F0 has no symptoms, the mortality rate decreases because of the vaccine coverage. Especially the new strain spreads quickly, screening, testing and isolation requirements are very difficult to implement,” he said.

Faced with the fact that many F0s still sneak out to buy things, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Hung emphasized, patients should only go out in urgent cases. When traveling, you must wear a mask, constantly disinfect your hands, and limit going to crowded places, especially places with high risk of infection.

But the point of view of allowing F0 to go out still needs to be cautious, especially those who lack awareness. According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Van Dung, University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, F0 going out may not pose much risk of infection, if they wear a mask and do not come into contact. “But what do they go out for? If they go to a health station to get tested and get medicine, it may be appropriate. In addition to the above purpose, F0 going out in contact with many people and going to many places certainly poses a potential risk of infection. infected,” said Mr. Dung.

According to this expert, isolation principles still need to be carefully considered and have appropriate and detailed handling plans for each case, especially in the context that the number of Covid-19 cases is continuously peaking like now. now on. According to data from the Ministry of Health, on March 14, the whole country recorded 265,000 infections, an increase of more than 58% in the past 7 days.

Lien Hoa, 26 years old, in Mai Dich ward, Cau Giay district, was found positive on March 8, but confirmed that she will not go out until she has had two negative quick test results. “As long as one F0 does not go out, the number of F1s will decrease, the number of infected people will decrease. Thereby reducing the burden on the health industry and the companies themselves that have to stop working because many employees are F0,” Hoa expressed.

As for Anh Thu, she hopes that authorities need to flexibly adjust regulations when isolating F0, especially those who have to live alone. “Extreme isolation is not the way to reduce infections, it is important to improve people’s sense of self-awareness and compliance with 5K,” she commented.

On the evening of March 14, half a day after issuing new instructions on isolating Covid-19 cases at home, the Ministry of Health issued a statement explaining again the regulation “F0 can leave the isolation place”.

According to the Ministry of Health, the regulation “people with Covid-19 should limit leaving the isolation place. When leaving the quarantine place, they must wear a mask and keep a distance from others” is specifically explained as follows: People Patients with Covid-19 should minimize leaving the isolation room, not leaving the house. When leaving the isolation room, you must wear a mask and keep your distance from other people in the house.

Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Truong Son further explained that people infected with Covid-19 can come out of the isolation room, there are no instructions on how to leave the house.

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