Extreme shock The 2m13 monster lost a tiny humiliation in the Chinese martial arts tournament

Sunday, February 28, 2021 00:20 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Chinese martial arts event “Chanting the singer” China had a very ridiculous match.

According to Sohu (China), the martial arts event “Chanting the singer” took place on February 17 in this very notorious country is now even more noisy. Specifically, in addition to martial arts, men versus women wearing skirts wearing high heels, the event also had a fierce competition between “The Giant” Taishan Dong against rival Jiang Chunpeng.

Taishan Dong (left) played with a lack of determination and lost in a much smaller opponent

Taishan, the once Chinese martial arts stirrer, is 2m13 tall, weighs 130 kg, has a great record in Kickboxing and has won 6 matches when playing Boxing. Faced with a high-class high-class boxer is a less-known Jiang Chunpeng, he weighs only 80 kg and is much shorter than Taishan.

What followed was a comedy in which the two main characters overplayed. More than 50 kg more than his opponent, but Taishan Dong wrestling with pretense, it is not like his usual strong image. The boring game went on for 5 innings, there was no such thing as an excellent blow, but Jiang Chunpeng was won by the referee by scoring.

“The Giant” or “Yao Ming martial arts” Taishan Dong was the one who was fiercely criticized by the audience. They assumed that the 32-year-old puncher had received the money, so he wrestled to deliberately lose.

Extreme shock

Taishan Dong is referred to as “Yao Ming martial arts”

Previously, the Chinese media had strongly condemned the “Chanting” event, they affirmed that the event did not bring many professional elements but only created an attraction to “pick up money” from the audience’s wallet.

The event also invited the martial artist playing for UFC, Li Jingliang to attend. Li Jingliang played 14 matches for the UFC (won 10, lost 4) appeared on the show as a martial arts judge.

Source: http: //danviet.vn/cuc-soc-quai-vat-2m13-thua-be-bang-ti-hon-o-giai-vo-trung-quoc-502021282019518 …

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