Extra features for saving photos and batteries, do you know about them…

Nowadays, we have a smartphone in our hands at all times. Apart from watching calls, WhatsApp, messages and YouTube, we keep watching many more apps in the phone. But many times we do not make full use of the features that are in the phone. Actually, the smartphone has many such secret features that we do not even see or use. Today, let us tell you some such special features of Android phone that will increase your convenience and will be free from the small tension in the phone.

1-How to save battery

Battery discharges quickly in the smartphone. Actually, because of using the application more, the phone battery starts down quickly. In such a situation, to make the battery run longer, first reduce the brightness of the phone. This makes the battery last longer. Go to the battery option by going to the second settings and enable the battery saver.

2- Keep privacy in the phone

Many times our friend or a family member demands to use the phone and you do not want anyone to see chat, video or other apps. In such a situation, there is a guest mode to keep privacy. After turning it on, the new user will not be able to see your phone chat, message or video. For other privacy features, go to the phone settings and click on the option of Security and Location. After this, turn on screen pinning. After this you can pin any app. In such a case, you will have your phone in your hand, you can only see the app you have pinned on the screen.

3- More unlock options

In the smartphone, there is an option to unlock the phone with finger or thumb fingerprint. But you can make this feature even easier. Many times, there is an option to save more than one fingerprint in the smartphone. You can save the fingerprint of yourself or one of your family members. So that you can unlock the phone with any finger or in your absence a family member will unlock the phone. For this, go to Security and Location in Settings and click on Fingerprint. After this you go to the option of add fingerprint and add finger print

4- Photo Auto Save

Nowadays everyone clicks photos from the phone, in such a situation that the phone gets damaged or lost, there is tension of the saved photos in the phone. If you want, you can save photos by turning on Auto Backup on your smartphone. For this, go to System in the phone’s settings and turn on the backup and select your Gmail ID and click on Backup Now.

5- Leave from notification

Many times you click on some videos or click on the option to receive notifications. But then all the time, the notifications on the screen of the phone start to become irritated. To get rid of the notifications, press the notification shown on the screen. On doing this, block and mute options will appear. If you want, you can mute the notifications, they will remain muted in your phone or they will stop coming on clicking on the option of block.

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