Expensive cars: the price of a new era in the automobile

Posted 10 Feb. 2022 at 17:00

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A new car would be worth, on average, 7,000 euros more today than ten years ago. A figure that clearly exceeds that of inflation in an automobile market that is idling. For different reasons. Because the consumer is, on the one hand, divided in his purchase between the electric, a mobility of the future which is paid, and the diesel or the gasoline, which are called to know restrictions.

On the other hand, it is faced with a sector which suffers from the shortage of semiconductors. When we know that 10 million vehicles could not be produced in 2021 for this reason, the law of supply and demand mechanically drives up the prices of what is available. As for the tightening of regulations against pollution, they are for manufacturers an additional manufacturing cost which is passed on to the purchase.

Booming for leasing

Regarding electric vehicles, the cost of which is almost 50% higher than that of thermal vehicles, the various current aids and incentives absorb the cost increase effect. But beware of backlash when these end, especially for the industrial fabric. In the immediate future, the expensive car is accompanied by a take-off of “leasing”, which almost one in two households uses. It helps to move upmarket for the buyer and is a means of building loyalty for brands.

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