Exhibition shows the wreckage of the victim of the Ku’damm racers

The jeep is on its left side, the hood is missing, the windows are shattered, the airbag is bulging out of the steering wheel.

Berlin – Michael Warshitsky (69) died in this car. He had to die because two young men were racing on the Ku’damm.​ The German Museum of Technology is now showing the victim’s car in the special exhibition “Madness – Illegal Car Racing. How do we stop the speed frenzy?”.​

Maximilian Warshitsky (41), son of the victim, on Thursday to BILD.: “Seeing this here is a difficult task for me. It breaks my heart. It’s like a stone hit me.”​

The police confiscated this car from a young man who drove much too fast. It will be auctioned after the exhibition

Photo: DAVIDS/Sven Darmer

On the night of the accident in February 2016, his father was on his way home from his girlfriend. His son: “He couldn’t have guessed that something like this would happen.”​

What happened: Hamdi H. (33 today) and Marvin N. (30 today) drove a car race in the middle of Berlin – at 160 km/h.​

The Berlin police have been checking the speed of drivers since 2018

The Berlin police have been checking the speed of drivers since 2018

Photo: DAVIDS/Sven Darmer

When the reports of a motorist involved in an accident spread the next morning, Warshitsky kept calling his father, who lived near the scene of the accident: “He just didn’t answer.”

In front of his father’s apartment, a neighbor finally greeted him: “That was your father at the accident.”​

With the exhibition, the museum and the police want to take preventive action against illegal car racing. Police chief Barbara Slowik (55): “There are two to three races in Berlin every day. They are an enormous danger for all road users.”​

The Ku’damm racers have now been sentenced: Hamdi H. for murder to life imprisonment, Marvin N. for attempted murder to 13 years.​


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