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Hanoi‘Someone asked to buy land, get the price from customers,’ or ‘it’s too beautiful to imagine’… is one of the many reasons design projects are rejected.

“The Strange Traveler or the Story of the Rejected Projects” is an ongoing exhibition at Manzi Exhibition Space, Hang Bun, Hanoi. Here are displaying 24 models of design projects, works canceled for various reasons by architect Nguyen Ha and his associates in 20 years of working.

“There is definitely some truth in the things that have not been accepted. If so, we should look back and think more about the things that were rejected instead of being left behind,” architect Nguyen Ha said. Share your exhibition.

The project called LangDang House in Da Lat was rejected by the investor for the reason: “Land price increased so quickly that the investor flinched, not sure whether to sell the land or build a house”. Image: Vy Trang

Traveling more than 10 km from Long Bien to the exhibition, the 24-year-old Bao Anh said what she had seen “beyond expectations”.

“The projects are all flying, beyond the usual architectural thinking, but the reason for the rejection is frivolous and amusing,” she said, and said that she was strongly impressed with the succinct and somewhat humorous storytelling of the architect. architect with each project. “This is a unique and strange exhibition,” said Bao Anh.

During the opening ceremony on August 1, architect Nguyen Ha affirmed that “The strange traveler or the story of rejected projects” does not mean that the investor or the customer has rejected the designs. “The main purpose is to convey the message that all that is created with passion is worthy of respect, not worth throwing away.”

The 42-year-old female architect shared that, from a positive perspective, this exhibition is purely artistic in nature, not affected by the addition or subtraction, requests for concessions or modifications from another entity. other than the man who created them.

Phuong Anh (gray shirt) came to the exhibition with her friend.  This girl feels the enthusiasm of the architects in the works.  Photo: Quynh Nguyen.

Bao Anh (gray shirt) came to the exhibition with his friend. This girl feels the enthusiasm of the architects in the works. Image: Quynh Nguyen.

At the exhibition, visitors had to laugh at the investor’s reasons “Oh my god” when he refused a design, such as: “Works built in the planning area must be dismantled”; “Bidding documents are late”; “The investor expands the land but does not expand the design cost”; “Don’t design the road big enough for cars to get to the door”…

“These reasons are both funny and poignant. I am most amused by the project in Da Lat with the same title: Land prices increased so quickly that the investor flinched, unsure whether to sell the land or build a house”, Phuong Thu said. , an office worker who attended the exhibition said. She shared that, although she was not too knowledgeable about architecture, she was attracted by the meticulously built models, clearly seeing the creator’s mind.

Ngoc Bich, her companion with Phuong Thu again felt the architect’s sadness through the “unfinished” works at the exhibition.

“This is a lesson in patience. Many such big projects fail, we are young ourselves and have to try harder,” she said.

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