Exclusive one-off: auction a work of art by SHANIA GEISS

Jet set life and extravagant lifestyle – the TV millionaires Robert (57) and Carmen Geiss have been cult for years.

The current season of “The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family” is currently running on RTLZWEI every Monday at 8:15 p.m. The daughters of the TV stars also grew up with this glamor world. And now they’re doing their own thing.

Every Monday at 8:15 p.m. on RTLZWEI: The current season of “The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family”Photo: RTLZWEI/Per Florian Appelgren

Daughter Shania has many talents. You can not only model, but also paint. Mama Carmen recently presented two of her works of art on Instagram and was almost bursting with pride. “She is an absolutely exceptional talent in her art field. How she paints is really the burner.”

And it seems that she was born with a passion for art. Shania: “When I was very, very small, my father used to paint a lot. We were in Kitzbühel and he wanted to paint a picture that he saw in a museum and must have cost a million. I was there and then we said we’d do it together. And that’s when I realized I love to paint. But of course I wasn’t that good. But at school I noticed that I still enjoy it and that I’m getting better and better. And then from one day to the next I was able to paint somehow.”

Shania is multi-talented – she already has a model contract and is also in demand as an artist

Shania is multi-talented – she already has a model contract and is also in demand as an artistPhoto: RTLZWEI / Photo: Per Florian Appelgren

She has now refined the techniques and tried out a lot with chalk, watercolors and oil paints. Her great role model is the American street artist Alec Monopoly. Shania raves: “I love his art! I love his pop art with cartoons and graffiti. I just think his works are great!”

Will she ever become as famous as her role model? In any case, there is no lack of support from Carmen and Robert Geiss. An exhibition at Art Basel in Miami was already planned last year, but that was postponed because of the school. But in her parents’ office, Shania has her own studio where she can paint and store her artwork.

And this is exactly where the work of art was created, which Shania created especially for “A heart for children” made and which is now being auctioned off as part of the eBay charity auction for the benefit of the BILD aid organization.

Bid on this collage by Shania Geiss

Bid on this collage by Shania GeissPhoto: RTLTWEI

Shania not only put a lot of time into the collage with two bears on canvas (size 100cm x 90cm), but also a lot of love: “I really wanted to do it and wanted to support ‘Ein Herz für Kinder’ because I think it’s a great cause find.”

About the creative process, she says: “First I thought about the bear motif and then I had the idea of ​​bringing other things in with me!” The newspapers form the basis of the artwork, which she also used in her very first picture, by the way.

Now you have the unique opportunity to bid on the unique item by Shania Geiss. Join us and don’t miss out on this special opportunity on eBay.

Here’s the auction: http://shop.ebay.de/merchant/ein.herz.fuer.kinder

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