Ex-Tagesschau spokeswoman Dagmar Berghoff: She daddles six hours a day

Hamburg – The computer is your closest friend in lockdown!

Dagmar Berghoff is actually anything but a couch potato. She goes to the theater, to exhibition openings and likes to meet up with friends in restaurants. Always active!

Unfortunately, none of this is currently possible due to the pandemic. Therefore, the 78-year-old has looked for a job in her cozy Winterhude apartment.

And computer games – the ex “Tageschau” lady is now Daddel-Dagmar!

Berghoff is so good at “Jewel Master” that she only starts at level 85 as “Kaiser Dagmar”

Photo: Andreas Costanzo

“I sit at the laptop for at least two hours every day, reading and answering my emails. And when I feel like it, I play a game to pass the time, ”says Berghoff.

Before that, however, she had already read the newspaper for three and a half hours (including BILD, of course), had breakfast in peace, and talked to friends on the phone.

The news woman has downloaded four games: the card adventure “Legends of Solitaire” and the strategy games “Bubbles”, “Cradle of Persia” and “Jewel Master”. Code name: “Kaiser-Dagmar”.

Berghoff: “Of course there are days when I don’t play at all. But sometimes I bite myself too. Then I’ll sit in front of the screen for six hours and gamble. ”What if the phone rings? “I just don’t answer if it’s not important.”

How’s it going? At “Jewel Master”, for example, the woman from Hamburg is now so good that she only starts at level 85. Berghoff: “Everything else is too easy for me.”

Dagmar Berghoff never loses patience – but she can get annoyed: “I want to win. If I can’t finish a game in a certain time and drop back from level 99 to 65, that’s very unpleasant. “

Teaser picture

Berghoff spoke from 1976 to 1999 the “Tagesschau”, the last five years as chief spokeswoman

Photo: picture-alliance / dpa


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