Ex – soldier on his mission in Afghanistan: “I risked my life – for what?”

Ex-Bundeswehr soldier on his mission in Afghanistan

“I risked my life three times, all in vain”

Sandro Strack (38) was three times in the Hindu Kush ++ he suffered a war trauma ++ later he lost his wife and job

Photo: private

Sandro Strack served three times as a Bundeswehr soldier in Afghanistan. He suffered a war trauma that still has an impact today. He is even startled when firecrackers fly or a motorcycle rattles loudly next to him.

The former staff sergeant speaks in BILD about his difficult mission. He saw a suicide bomber blow up American soldiers and witnessed rocket attacks. Even today he still suffers from what he experienced, says: “It was all in vain.”

Because of his war trauma, he even lost his wife and job. Read with BILDplus how he is doing today and what he has to say about developments in Afghanistan.


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