Ex-President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution – Hans-Georg Maaßen is a direct candidate for the CDU

Suhl – Four CDU district associations in southern Thuringia have nominated ex-Constitutional Protection President Hans-Georg Maaßen (58) as a direct candidate for the Bundestag.

Maassen received 37 votes in the Suhl Congress Center. 43 delegates from constituencies 196 (Suhl-Schmalkalden-Hildburghausen-Sonneberg) voted on the controversial ex-constitutional protector. There was an opposing candidate in the lawyer Hardy Herbert.

When he introduced himself, Maaßen said he was a grounded realist. He wanted to prevent the constituency from falling into the hands of the extreme right or left. Maaßen: “When I was asked 6 weeks ago whether I would be a candidate, I immediately accepted.”

He wanted to represent the southern Thuringians with all his might as someone who knew the Berlin business. “I wouldn’t go to Berlin from the back bench as a beginner. They know me. “

Maaßen worked briefly on the corona policy and migration policy. “I am very worried about the future of this country!”

He strictly refused to work with the AfD. The cuddling course with the greens must stop, he also said.

In his application speech, Maaßen also rejected the allegation of AfD proximity. As President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, he initiated the AfD examination in 2018, he stands by the delimitation decision of the CDU, which does not allow cooperation with either the left or the AfD. “I want to convince people who vote AfD in protest to vote again for the CDU,” said Maaßen. But he also stands for “not turning a blind eye” to the problems that migration brings with it.

Before the decision, the personnel caused a lack of understanding and criticism across the country – also in the ranks of the Union. CDU boss and Union chancellor candidate Armin Laschet recently said that Maaßen must also adhere not to cooperate or speak with the AfD.

The 196 constituency in southern Thuringia was vacant after the traditional candidate Mark Hauptmann left the CDU in the wake of the mask affair. The public prosecutor’s office is investigating Hauptmann on suspicion of bribery.


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